Drunk Driving is a Serious Problem

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Drunk driving is considered a serious offense in every state many people have lost lives because of reckless people driving intoxicated, it has endangered public safety in cities and on highways. According to national highway traffic administration, 37,133 people died in traffic crashes in 2017 in united states it includes an estimate of 10,000 more who are killed in drunk driving crashes with illegal BAC 0.08 or greater and among these crashes, at least a driver had BAC 0.15 or higher. The center for disease control and prevention have calculated blood content or BAC of 0. 08 is equal to 4 drinks beyond 0.08 this is considered in-ability to function when operating a vehicle in u.s. It has resulted to serious accidents among young operators, Double incarceration charges and death.

Police investigation has found that, operators under 23 are seven times more likely to get involved in an alcohol related vehicle accidents. They intend to copy habits and on road safety, they at risk. A 23 year old man was reported driving drunk on highway in New Hampshire he was driving a truck same time over speeding he unfortunately dragged his truck into a commercial vehicle driven by a 48 year old man. A 23 escaped injuries he was rushed to the hospital for treatment but later he was charged with driving case and released on bail he will be back in court for alignment. If incidents of this kind frequently happens, pedestrians are likely to get harm or death may occur due reckless driving.

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135 billions a year in America is collected for drunk driving cases, 500 dollars every adult for bail not only paying fines, Alcohol influence cases or punishment are harsh when a car operator drink a class of wine he loss impairment to function and that may lead to wrong decisions while driving. A 67 year old Garry was charged got operating while drunk and cocaine was found in his car. Anderson reported to police seeing a guy intoxicated drove by gas stations near Cranberry highway on route 28 in the car Gary was arrested of driving under intoxicated and possession of class B substance as evidence.

Drivers who are between 16 and 18 years of age are 10 times more likely to get involved in car accidents. According to student against destruction decision, 18 and 21 year old students were asked if they drink alcohol 90 percent accepted drinking sometimes operating a vehicle, and based on the response of students who responded, according to their age and experience they are likely to causes car accidents . Alcohol Consumption at early age has impacted ability to drive because alcohol slows reactions when alcohol is in the system , it responds to different reactions so quickly that can increase the like-hood of causing accident incident .

In nutshell, alcohol consumption rate among youth have caused serious fatal accidents due to reckless driving under intoxication since their minds are impaired with less to function. police have done their job to preserve and stop incidents before they happen and that has decreased the number of car incidents every year, it is up to us to think before we get behind wheels to protect other people’s lives and in-case we need to go out, we can always leave our cars behind and hire buses, taxi or Uber to bars.

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