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Dynamic Character

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In the novel. Fahrenheit 451. the chief character. Guy Montag. qualifies as a dynamic character. A dynamic character is. by definition. a character that undergoes of import alterations throughout the class of the novel. Because he goes through a metabolism as he struggles through internal struggle during the novel. Guy Montag is a dynamic character.

In the beginning. Montag is a really normal adult male relation to his society. He is a metropolis fireman and Burnss books and houses without sorrow. Montag loves everything about his occupation ; the power.

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Dynamic Character
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the devastation of houses and books. and even the odor of the kerosine that he churns out daily. He even feels pride and satisfaction in the occupations he carries out. His alteration. though. shortly begins when he meets with a curious miss named Clarisse.

Clarisse makes Montag really think. an uncommon thing in this curious society. Her pure artlessness brings out a different side of him ; one that doesn’t involve thoughtless combustions.

He so. as a consequence of her penetration. begins to oppugn himself and even the society he lives in.

Another influence on Montag is the self-destructive adult female whose house he was about to fire. He ponders what in books can be of import adequate to decease for. Her ghastly self-destruction pushes Montag over the border and he forces himself to eventually open a book.

Montag continues his metabolism from a heartless book burner to a philosophical scholar. Guy continues deriving information and organizing his sentiment about his uneven society. Montag shortly realizes that there is no return from his alteration when he is forced to fire his ain house and slaying Beatty. In a manner he is firing his ain yesteryear and all that goes with it. His subsequent fleeing of the seen besides symbolizes the concluding measure in his alteration. It is Montag literally go forthing his yesteryear of inanity and devastation.

Guy Montag becomes a reasonable. book loving pedagogue. His metabolism is complete with memorising books in a part to stop the norm of his society. He makes a enormous alteration both mentally and physically. Because of his alteration. though it caused him great adversities. Guy Montag is a dynamic character.

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