EasyJet emarketing strategies and its implementation Analysis

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Management Summary

This study undertakes a survey of EasyJet e-marketing schemes and its execution sketching its impact on EasyJet operations as a whole.

EasyJet is an air hose company runing in Europe with its base in UK. It was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou in mid 1995. EasyJet ‘s operations are paperless, with all concern minutess done through the cyberspace.

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EasyJet has experienced a successful online concern due to its e-market scheme that aims to supply low cost no frills air transit. Under the strong and magnetic leading of Stellios, it has accomplished its end by making trade name consciousness, acceptance of an efficiency-driven operating theoretical account and care of a high degree client satisfaction.

EasyJet conducted its concern utilizing telephone in order to accomplish the end of undercutting traditional bearers and increase nest eggs by direct merchandising. Business was subsequently on conducted over the cyberspace taking to cut down cost on it call centres, to do winging low-cost and to vie even with coachs by pulling people who would hold otherwise non travelled by air.

EasyJet is making this by utilizing a web site which is designed with high serviceability and has an intuitive pilotage leting user to make engagement and purchase ticket online. EasyJet besides does publicity on newspaper by running cyberspace merely publicity, giving price reductions to consumers who purchase online merely. This mix has helped in EasyJet publicity giving impressive consequences by accomplishing enormous gross revenues consequences.

The design, construction, serviceability and utility of its web site have enabled EasyJet to procure purchase over its rivals. The most of import fact is that EasyJet has incorporated flexibleness in its e-marketing scheme enabling it to expect alterations and farther develop its schemes to counter-act consequently. The impact of EasyJet e-market scheme is apparent on the growing that EasyJet has enjoyed through the old ages

In general the e-marketing scheme followed by EasyJet plants for it. EasyJet is evidently cognizant of its environing environment, and appreciates the magnitude of closely monitoring and control of its scheme, so as to remain in front in an environment that invariably evolves by maintaining a stopping point oculus on any occurrence alterations. It ‘s apparent that EasyJet takes few hazards and applies house concern rules while carefully researching the market.


Company Background, Financial Performance and Key Services

EasyJet is an air hose company based in Britain with its central offices at London Luton Airport. It operates 500 domestic and international paths between 118 states within Europe, West Asia and North Africa transporting more riders than any other UK based air hose. Its parent company EasyJet plc is listed in London Stock Exchange. ( Wikipedia, n.d ) .

EasyJet Airline was founded in Britain by Stellios Haji-Ioannou, holder of Masterss ‘ grade in concern and boy of a Grecian Cypriot transportation baron. He started the company with ?5 million loaned by his male parent after he was approached by Virgin Atlantic ‘s Grecian franchisee to put in a London-Athens path and decided to get down his ain air hose alternatively. The company started with two leased aeroplanes runing in two paths ; London Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow severally and subsequently Aberdeen.

Stellios was inspired by rule of monetary value snap applied by Southwest Airlines based in the United States. Southwest air menus were so low that the air hose attracted people who would non hold otherwise traveled by air. It aimed to vie with coachs every bit much as it did with other air hose companies.

In the beginning, EasyJet operated a paper air hose undertaking British World Airlines to wing and keep its two 148 seats leased planes. Its base in London was at Low-rent Luton airdrome. After geting its first plane, EasyJet started viing against British Airways and KLM on the path to Amsterdam concentrating on short-haul paths taking to offer half of its rivals ‘ menu. Stellios subsequently on capitalized on the Swiss connexion purchasing 40 % interest in a failing charter air hose ; TEA Switzerland.

It is believed that, in the beginning EasyJet spent all its gross on advertisement, offering inexpensive air menus. A specific illustration of hoardings declaring a menu of ?29 for London-Scotland path which was one-tenth the monetary value charged by British Airways. Ads on Television directed clients to short-circuit travel agents and straight name the company reserve figure which was besides painted on all EasyJet planes. Direct merchandising was the scheme from start and subsequently the Internet became EasyJet ‘s preferable engagement media.

Dress codification for its employees was denims and orange sweatshirts which reflected a insouciant yet fast-paced attitude. Merely pilots were allowed to have on neck ties. Organization civilization of EasyJet was described as ‘brutally crystalline ‘ , leting employees in all paperless offices to portion all types of information except paysheet, by scanning all its paperss into a computing machine system accessible to all employees.

The company is thin on services holding no in-flight catering, bear downing for bites and soft drinks and holding no cancellations or refunds option. The three keys to EasyJet scheme were Simplification, Frugality and Friendliness with a slogan of ‘Easy semen, easy go ‘ . Some riders were discerning of low-rate air hoses compromising safety, EasyJet had to alter tactic in advertisement by explicating why it was possible to cut down menus without compromising safety. EasyJet stimulated traffic in all the markets it entered by presenting monetary value competition to a market that was antecedently driven by free offers such as frequent flyer stat mis. This enabled EasyJet to turn a net income of ?2 million in the twelvemonth 1997.

In 2000 financial twelvemonth, EasyJet declared a net income of $ 33 million and floated a one-fourth of the company ‘s stock on the London Stock Exchange with portions offered entirely to institutional investors, raising ?190 million which was used to buy 32 new Boeing 737 aeroplanes. After it merged with Go Fly in August 2002, it became one of Europe ‘s biggest and taking low cost air hoses. ( Business Essays, n.d )

Since its constitution in mid 1990s, EasyJet has enjoyed a rapid enlargement turning through a combination of amalgamations, acquisitions and base gaps brought approximately by demand of low-priced air travel by consumers. It now boasts a fleet of over 180 aircrafts with 20 bases across Europe and is ranked as the 2nd largest low-cost bearer in Europe holding carried 45.2 million riders in 2009. ( Wikipedia, n.d ) .

EasyJet has had its fare portion of legal conflicts, the most popular one being with British Airways. It has besides faced unfavorable judgment in Germany for non detecting the European Union jurisprudence on compensation and on environmental issues due to its advertizement that EasyJet aircrafts made 22 % less emanation compared to its rivals.

Servicess offered by EasyJet include existent clip online engagement, telephone engagement for 3 months before flight engagements, in-flight magazines incorporating finish ushers, vacation and adjustment merchandises, auto leases, airdrome parking, travel insurance and on-board gross revenues of aromas, cosmetics etc.

Situation Analysis

A concern does non run in isolation. Business reactions and determinations depend on what happens on its environment. The factors go oning outside an organisation are known as external factors or influences. The external factors affect chief internal operations and the aims and schemes of the organisation. It is hence of import to place factors that might in bend affect a figure of critical variables that are likely to act upon the organisation ‘s supply and demand degrees and operation costs ( Kotter & A ; Schlesinger, 1991 ; Johnson & A ; Scholes, 1993 ) .

The scheme of EasyJet is to offer low cost, no-frills air transit. This scheme has enabled EasyJet to thrive. It is nevertheless, of import to continually endeavor to fulfill client demands and remain in a competitory place by measuring market tendencies and state of affairs. This calls up the demand to make situational analysis which involves the perusal of of import concern elements such as rivals, clients, costs, clime ( external environment ) , confederates and the company itself. Conducting a situational analysis for a company provides the cognition and context for planning by depicting the company ‘s competitory place, fiscal and operating conditions and the general province of the company ‘s internal and external personal businesss. To carry through this methods such as SWOT and PEST are used.

Plague Analysis

PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social and Technological. PEST analysis is a model used to categorise environmental issues that influences an organisation Politically, Economically, Socially and Technologically.

Papers4you.com ( n.d ) citing Kotler ( 1998 ) and Porter ( 1985 ) states that:

“ Kotler ( 1998 ) claims that PEST analysis is a utile strategic tool for understanding market growing or diminution, concern place, possible and way for operations. The headers of PEST are a model of reexamining a state of affairs, and can in add-on to SWOT and Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical accounts, be applied by companies to reexamine a strategic waies, including selling proposition. The usage of PEST analysis can be seen effectual for concern and strategic planning, market planning, concern and merchandise development and research studies. PEST besides ensures that company ‘s public presentation is aligned positively with the powerful forces of alteration that are impacting concern environment ( Porter, 1985 ) . PEST is utile when a company decides to come in its concern operations into new markets and new states. The usage of PEST, in this instance, helps to interrupt free of unconscious premises, and aid to efficaciously accommodate to the worlds of the new environment. ” ( papers4you.com, n.d )

Plague analysis is hence utile tool for understanding and finding the market growing or diminution of an organisation, the place every bit good as the possible and way of a concern. PEST analysis for EasyJet shows the followers:


The alteration of authorities or policy may act upon the company profile as new ordinances are introduced.

EasyJet has been involved in assorted legal differences a good illustration is when Germany criticized EasyJet for non detecting the European Union jurisprudence on compensation.

Political alterations in the states where EasyJet has paths. EasyJet operates in different states across Europe ; alterations in these states may impact its operations.

Local authorities councils object to resound and forbid edifice of new tracks.

Governments desiring to advance touristry in their states may welcome and move in the favour of EasyJet.

Different revenue enhancements that are charged in different states for fuel, landing, airdrome revenue enhancement etc.

Changes in employment Torahs, trade limitations and duties has impacts on EasyJet concern operations for illustration in April 2000, EasyJet had to establish a run to halt Barclays from increasing set downing fees by 300 % .


Economic recession where some states economic system might turn and some might prostration.

Uncertainty due to the cost fluctuation of energy and fuel.

Business involves holding loans ; alteration of involvement rates and foreign exchange rates may impact EasyJet long term loans.

There has been unrest in consumer ‘s attitude due to the September 11th onslaughts which caused a important lessening in the assurance of air hose travellers.


Flying with EasyJet may pull companies with employees making frequent concern trip since EasyJet do non offer in-flight luxuries therefore less cost to companies.

Stability in economic system and enlargement of touristry means many people want to wing off for vacations.

Low cost, no frills attracts wider demographic of consumers including people who would hold otherwise non believe of going by air.

Outbreak of contagious diseases such as the bird grippe, SARS may do lessening of travellers.

Safety step applied while on air and on the land conveys a positive image of the company therefore many people feel safe to go with EasyJet planes.

The friendliness and efficiency of EasyJet employees make clients to ever desire to go by EasyJet.

The growing of population means more travellers and people in a certain life phase have more disposable income to pass.

EasyJet runs an environmental friendly concern ; depending wholly on the cyberspace running paperless operations which means less waste. This gives it a positive mentality from a universe that is so environmental witting.


The rate at which engineering alterations has favored EasyJet by doing it possible to carry on paperless operations hence cut downing operation costs. IT engineering is available in competitory monetary value therefore enabling EasyJet to plan a system that can be remotely accessed by all its employees.

The growing in engineering besides ensures the handiness of spares and care services to its fleet of aeroplanes.

Technology has become cheaper ; it is cost effectual in the running of the company but at the same clip the entries to barrier are lower for rivals to fall in in.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an of import portion of strategic planning that involves a scan of internal and external organisation environment. SWOT analysis provides helpful information for suiting organisations capablenesss and resources to the competitory environment it operates in. SWOT analysis is used to find the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organisation.


EasyJet is under the strong and magnetic leading of Stellios who possesses great entrepreneurial vision, is adaptable to alter and is able to place concern chances

EasyJet is original and has really effectual promotional schemes.

EasyJet is functioning many of the taking metropolis finishs across Europe and is taking as supplier of low budget and no added costs air travel.

It is a good known, respected and recognized as the taking trade name name in travel industry in UK.

Has a low running cost due to the usage of cyberspace giving its clients the benefit of paying for local calls.

EasyJet is easy recognizable and distinguishable from their rivals due to the high typical corporate colourss on all of its aircraft.

EasyJet has diversified into other market such as auto lease and cyberspace coffeehouse doing life easy for their clients by being served by same company when necessitating these services.

Has an first-class client service for illustration EasyJet offers refunds for flights that have been delayed for 4 hours or more.

It operates an efficient and fast service with an mean turnaround clip of 30 proceedingss or below therefore is able to keep a hassle free and dependable service to its riders.

It has a really user friendly website screening to the full the monetary value dislocation construction for rider planned trips. Unwraping the full dislocation monetary value program prevents any concealed charges to clients when corroborating their engagement.

It has a sophisticated system that offers on-line publicity qui vives by electronic mail to bing clients.


EasyJet relies so much on computing machines for booking and information storage which could be hazardous.

EasyJet flies entirely within Europe.

EasyJet does non offer free in-flight nutrient services.

The utmost fight of the domestic air travel industry can curtail and determine pricing policies on some of EasyJet ‘s less profitable paths. EasyJet has to bear down low rates even on these paths to vie with their rivals which are Jet ” , BMI Baby, Ryan Air and other smaller independent companies.


Possible gap of other paths to major metropoliss in Europe such as from Dublin to UK and new links into concern circulars to and from UK.

Restructured versions of the fly on the wall docudramas would supply the EasyJet trade name with more coverage and promotion.

Offering free in-flight refreshments would be a fillip and would increase comfort to EasyJet clients.


Menace of permutation where travellers going as a group might take other agencies to salvage on traveling disbursals.

Other air hoses winging the same routes compete ferociously on monetary value forcing force per unit area on border on popular flights and clip slots.

External market forces such as the rise of monetary value of oil can hold major impact on running costs presenting important force per unit area on the net income of less popular paths and clip slots.

Day to twenty-four hours operations of EasyJet can be significantly affected by force per unit area from brotherhoods and employee dealingss commissions, work stoppages have proved to be dearly-won to the company and its image.

Economic recession may diminish the figure of insouciant and concern travellers.

E-Marketing Strategy

To to the full understand what e-marketing involves, it is worthwhile to revisit the original definition of selling before it was prefixed by ‘e ‘ . Nowsell.com, ( n.d ) quotes cim.co.uk definition of selling as follows:

“ Selling is the direction procedure responsible for placing, expecting and fulfilling client demands productively ” ( nowsell.com, n.d )

The definition accentuates the focal point of marketing on the client, while connoting the demand to associate other concern operations to accomplish the needed profitableness.

E-marketing is hence defined as accomplishing selling aims through the usage of electronic communicating engineering which includes cyberspace, eBooks, e-mail, databases, radio nomadic phones and digital telecasting. ( nowsell.com, n.d ) . The cyberspace, as noted by Smith and Chaffey ( 2001 ) can be used to back up the purposes mentioned in the definition i.e. identifying, expecting and fulfilling as follows:

Identifying – usage the cyberspace for market research to happen out client demands.

Expecting – the cyberspace provides an extra channel for clients to entree information and makes purchases. Understanding this demand is footing to regulating resource distribution to e-marketing.

Satisfying – an of import success factor in e-marketing is carry throughing client satisfaction through electronic channel by doing certain that the site performs adequately and is easy to utilize.

Planning is indispensable in order to win in e-marketing. A successful e-marketing program relies on traditional subjects and be aftering techniques that is adapted for the digital media environment and assorted with digital selling communicating techniques. SOSTAC is a generic model used for e-marketing planning. SOSTAC stands for:

S – Situational analysis ( where are we now )

O – Aims ( where do we desire to travel )

S – Scheme ( how do we acquire at that place )

T – Tacticss ( the inside informations of scheme )

A – Action ( or execution )

C – Control ( rating, measuring )

The Situational analysis above has identified the current place of EasyJet utilizing SWOT and PEST methods. The analysis shows EasyJet holds a strong place and has gained a competitory advantage due to the usage of engineering – cyberspace in peculiar – in carry oning its concern operations.

The aim of EasyJet is to increase on-line gross, minimise cost and retain their clients. EasyJet has accomplished this by creative activity of trade name consciousness, acceptance of an efficiency-driven operating theoretical account and care of a high degree client satisfaction.

Scheme is the procedure of developing options to accomplish a coveted result. E-marketing scheme therefore consists of stairss taken and process followed for marketing a trade name through the web site. ( buzzle.com, n.d ) . The of import facet in any e-marketing scheme is the company web site which needs to be decently formatted and designed, so as to give a good feeling and attract users and therefore increase gross revenues.

EasyJet uses cyberspace to run into its aims. EasyJet has a comprehensive web site with good serviceability and construction that presents EasyJet services without the usage of excess artworks and advertizement which normally distracts website visitants. EasyJet went on-line because of the demand to cut down cost. EasyJet aimed at doing winging low-cost and urged travellers to cover direct and cut out travel agents. An overview of EasyJet lists the undermentioned schemes:

Decrease and distribution of costs by on-line engagement.

No tickets during travel, merely an e-mail with the engagement mention is equal to board the plane. This reduces undertakings and costs associated with issue, administering, processing and accommodating tickets.

Paperless operations doing the cyberspace utile in other facets of the concern such as disposal and direction.

EasyJet URL is printed aboard all its planes. The company aimed to scale down its call centres operations by selling most of the tickets online. By seting the company URL everyplace, it increased the usage of the web site and this helped EasyJet acquire more clients therefore doing EasyJet flights monetary values cheaper.

EasyJet besides uses the web site as an aggressive tool. A good illustration is the competition to foretell BA losingss on ‘Go ‘ luring visitants with awards. EasyJet besides had earlier on used a Television series to advance itself in every family in the UK.

The value proposition and differential advantage of this scheme can be seen on the benefits offered to clients every bit good as cost cutting experience by EasyJet. EasyJet operates stingily doing it possible to give its clients dependable, convenient and great value for money service.

The EasyJet market mix ( i.e. the 4ps: merchandise, monetary value, arrangement and publicity ) can easy be evaluated at the construction of its web site. EasyJet has identified its website audience as those online visitants populating in Europe necessitating cheap, comfy and comprehensive existent clip travel without necessitating to travel through travel agents. For this, EasyJet offers low cost, no frills flights and other services such as auto leases and adjustment ( merchandise ) at reduced on-line monetary value with no hidden-added cost ( transparence ) – demoing to the full the monetary value dislocation construction ( monetary value ) , that can be purchased direct ( disintermediation ) online without the demand to travel through 3rd party travel agents ( arrangement ) , allowing travellers know where to purchase ticket by advertisement on Television, newspapers, EasyJet planes and through electronic mails ( publicity ) .

The web site has all the needed information readily available in all dominant linguistic communications of the continent and is sectioned under different checks of adjustment, travel insurance, auto leases, flight engagements and airdrome related conveyance to enable users to travel straight to the service they require. Moderate usage of text eradicates wastage of clip yet communicates accurate message to website visitants to steer them through assorted links based on logical visitant ‘s use. It besides has adequate information on each page to back up the demand of visitants without abstract selling streamers to deflect existent purchasers. EasyJet website gives attending on serviceability and dependability of information instead than visibleness and colourful show entirely ; it nevertheless does non miss colour. Orange colour has systematically been used throughout the website assisting clients to easy tie in the web site with the air hose. EasyJet maintains a web site that can be considered an ideal re-intermediation where service supplier is in direct contact with the consumers via an electronic medium ( Internet ) . This reduces cost to both consumer and service supplier and creates concern value. ( businessteacher.com, n.d )


The execution of EasyJet e-marketing scheme has been achieved on the company ‘s web site. The EasyJet web site has been designed to offer high serviceability to visitant and is simpler to utilize compared to some of its rivals. It is merely designed, with an intuitive pilotage – leting users to travel from page to page without the demand to travel via place page. It has high functionality and is without extra luggage. It was created with the purpose non to pall the visitant with excess artworks and advertizements which would deflect its visitants and do them walk off from the web site. It employs moderate usage of text eliminating clip wastage while conveying accurate message to steer users through assorted links. Each page on the website consist plenty needed information without abstract selling streamers to depart existent purchasers. For illustration if a user wants to book a flight, he would come in the day of the month of travel, finish and look into flight handiness so travel on to do engagement or purchase.

How the directions creates new nucleus and extended value for clients

The intent of puting up an online concern is to guarantee growing, efficiency, competitory advantage and purchase over rivals. ( businessteacher.com, n.d ) . Using the cyberspace, EasyJet has been able to cut down running cost and to cut down its supply concatenation by taking mediators and covering direct with clients enabling it to sell about 90 % of its flight over the cyberspace. EasyJet website marks concern and leisure travellers who are acute on salvaging clip and money and do non desire to cover with 3rd party mediators, supplying them with easy entree to engagement, flight programming, transit and adjustment. Facilities such as pick of airdrome sofas or parking are of import in finishing the procedure of travel engagement, and holding this on the website EasyJet extends value for client.

They besides analyze consumer e-mail questions and utilize these to explicate services harmonizing to client demands. Operating in this manner reduces cost and helps the company, by usage of engineering mediation, to sell its merchandise and services and create concern value.

There are sole publicities for on line engagement clients and all clients who book online receive price reduction for each leg of the journey illustration EasyJet was able to cut down ?1 for people who booked online. Online clients besides get the benefit of paying the monetary value of local call. EasyJet make it a point to set all inexpensive flights online and clients can seek flights by just and position flights that are available over two hebdomads. Customers can do flight transportations, alteration names, reschedule flight engagements, and request extra verification by electronic mail and look into in online. There is besides an option of velocity get oning which enables the rider to board the flight before other riders.

They besides have flight publicities which intend to avoid clients who would wing with EasyJet. These publicities are advertised few proceedingss before the flight clip taking to acquire rid of empty seats.

Balancing online and offline publicity methods

The direction balances online and offline publicity by utilizing newspapers to publicize about new on-line publicities and offers by naming or e-mailing journalists and mentioning them to the web site. EasyJet does this by seting internet-only publicities in newspaper promoting travellers to buy their ticket online. The “ conjecture BA Go Losses ” and the subdivision entitled “ Battle with Swissair ” were advertised on newspaper to entice more people to the web site.

Impact of the execution of the scheme on concern public presentation

The execution of the scheme has an impact on the concern public presentation because the site is good integrated into EasyJet ‘s bing systems and concern procedure. A good illustration is the ability to feed imperativeness release into the site through electronic and new finish looking automatically one time fed into the company ‘s information system. Besides the effectivity of the web site was proved when the dedicated phone figure on the site hit six months aim within six hebdomads. The log file recorded 8 proceedingss mean clip spent on the website per individual and about each company made a purchase. The web site proved that EasyJet phone operators were busy selling tickets instead than replying inquiries over the phone.

Legal and Ethical issues

The usage of Internet in e-commerce has brought up invasive legal and ethical issues. This is partially due to its implicit in characteristics and the manner it has been exploited by concerns interrupting bing societal and concern relationships and apprehension.

EasyJet like many other concerns has benefited from commercial development of the cyberspace but this commercial development demand a monetary value from persons. EasyJet gathers and processes client information and uses this information for selling by directing e-mails. This is regarded as invasion of purdah because one time a client registries in the EasyJet web site, so they will be having changeless electronic mails which can be truly raging. This has resulted to consumer usage of spam guard ( debris mail filters ) to halt receiving unasked electronic mails.

Sherrington ( 2009, p 19 ) emphasizes that the position of a concern is non respected ; it is earned ( Sherrington, 2009, p 19 ) . It is non good for a concern to split into people ‘s inboxes or profiles on societal webs such as Facebook, publicizing their trade names merely because it has spotted a possible client. Consumers regard this as maltreatment and misdemeanor of their privateness and some can penalize the concern by ne’er buying their merchandise or service. It is of import in e-marketing to show unity, honestness, regard and a willingness to portion and use the aureate regulation of handling consumers as you would wish to be treated. This can be accomplished by allowing consumers know before their information is gathered, give consumer the chance to hold or deny secondary use of their information, give consumer entree and the right to reexamine personal informations, shop accurate consumer information and have in topographic point a clear agencies by which consumer can turn to the state of affairs if any of their right is violated.

The usage of cookies, spyware and other techniques enables tracking of consumers ‘ online behaviours, entering hunts and sites visited by persons. This helps concern such as EasyJet in profiling clients and aiming them for specific selling runs. The jurisprudence and consumers regards this as invasion of privateness ( like stalking in the physical universe ) . As a consequence there are a figure of privateness protagonism groups on the web that proctor developments in privateness. ( Laudon & A ; Traver, 2008, pg 500 ) .

The usage of cyberspace excludes a certain group of people who do non do usage of cyberspace. A good illustration is older people who do non look to hold on the usage of computing machines. EasyJet are likely non to hold clients from this group of people.

The usage of cyberspace sometimes violates copyright Torahs where rational belongingss such as hallmarks of others are used without consent. EasyJet went through a legal conflict with British air passages for utilizing a motto that resembles that of BA. EasyJet called itself “ The web ‘s favourite air hose ” miming the BA motto “ The universe ‘s favourite air hose ” .


This study mirrors EasyJet scheme for its online concern theoretical account. In wide-ranging EasyJet scheme works good for the company. EasyJet is cognizant of its concern environment and recognize the importance of supervising it. Through the usage of cyberspace, EasyJet succeeded to be among the top low cost, no frills air hose companies in the UK. The design, construction, serviceability and utility of its web site have enabled EasyJet to procure purchase over its rivals. The most of import fact is that EasyJet has incorporated flexibleness in its e-marketing scheme enabling it to expect alterations and farther develop its schemes to counter-act consequently. As a consequence, the web site has become one of the most successful on the Internet hence hammering the success of EasyJet operations.

However, the competition in low cost air hoses is strong, and in order to stay strong and keep its position, EasyJet has to go on being imaginative in its e-marketing schemes. For EasyJet to stay competitory, I would urge that EasyJet should see the possibility of traveling into other advertisement mediums to beef up their market power. EasyJet should besides concentrate in keeping its leading in selling ; analyze its environment frequently and strive to heighten on its advertisement manner by using the aid of its bing clients. This can be achieved by placing loyal clients and present them with particular offers and price reductions in return for assisting EasyJet with advertisement. EasyJet should besides happen a manner of making out to clients who do non desire to book online.


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