Eating Healthy and Staying Active: Solution to Americas Obesity Problem

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It is common in modern society for people to be overweight, which can cause major health problems. This issue is mainly caused by the wide range of unhealthy food choices available and the lack of exercise. Sadly, many Americans do not recognize this problem and continue to eat junk food. As a result, approximately 65% of Americans are overweight and face negative health effects. Once weight gain occurs, it becomes difficult to reverse the situation. Many individuals spend their entire day without participating in any physical activities and instead solely concentrate on eating.

Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy calorie balance and eliminating unhealthy calories consumed during meals. It is important to allocate time each day for exercise, as this can effectively prevent obesity and associated health risks. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary for Americans to incorporate both a nutritious diet and an active routine. Despite the convenience, affordability, and deliciousness that junk food offers, many Americans unknowingly consume it regularly despite its harmful effects on health.

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Fast food companies often use preservatives to make their food more affordable and increase its longevity. Nevertheless, these additives can have detrimental impacts on our health. Regularly consuming such meals may contribute to the development of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. To avoid these health problems, it is advisable to maintain a varied diet that incorporates various food groups. Although occasional indulgence in junk food is acceptable, it is essential to prioritize the consumption of fruits and vegetables for overall well-being.

According to Tori DeAngelis’ article “What’s to Blame for the Surge in Super-Sized Americans?”, the easy availability of unhealthy food in the United States contributes to the obesity epidemic (309). While a balanced diet is essential for good health and providing necessary nutrients, finding healthy options can be challenging. With a wide range of restaurants and fast food choices available, it is convenient to choose any desired meal. However, many establishments prioritize affordability and speed over nutritional value.

This is great if you have no time and want food fast but not so great for your health. Fast food companies prioritize sales over consumer health. To find a healthy meal, it is necessary to prepare it oneself. However, many people find this task more challenging than expected. The time and effort required for cooking a healthy meal discourage many individuals, despite it being essential for a healthy lifestyle.

This lackadaisical approach towards cooking affects not only our food choices but also the necessary level of physical activity for maintaining good health.

Ensuring a balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being, but it is equally important to incorporate regular exercise into our lives. In today’s society, many jobs involve minimal physical exertion, making it difficult to meet the daily requirements for physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To address this issue, it is essential to dedicate time each day to engage in some form of physical exercise. This is necessary in order to burn off the calories consumed throughout the day. It is our responsibility to prioritize and make time for physical activity. According to Dynard’s article “You Want Fries with That?”, factors such as sedentary behavior and lack of willpower play a significant role in obesity rather than solely attributing it to the food industry (317).

Many Americans are becoming overweight because they lack the willpower to be active. Although losing weight can be difficult, preventing weight gain is much simpler. DeAngelis argues that sedentary jobs with long hours lead to weight gain (309). To lose weight, it is essential to find determination, participate in daily outdoor activities, and take measures to improve your health and weight.

To achieve rapid weight loss, it is advised to enroll in a gym and consistently exert effort. Recognizing the significance of both diet and exercise is vital for overall well-being. Regularly cooking meals at home is necessary for consuming the proper nutrients. Additionally, maintaining physical activity through exercise or recreational activities complements a nutritious diet. Allocating time each day for outdoor activities and maintaining an active lifestyle are essential.

America must take action to address its consumption of unhealthy junk food and sedentary lifestyle in order to ensure the well-being of our nation. If these changes are not made, there will be a significant rise in heart attacks, strokes, and cases of diabetes.

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