The Benefits From Eating Healthy

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The thing I would like to improve upon is a combination of working out and eating healthy. I have chosen this because it has always been a goal of mine, but I could never find the motivation I needed to do it. In high school, I always had sports to keep me in shape and I was on a consistent, daily schedule which made it easier to eat healthy. However, I have not really worked out much since high school and my days are so inconsistent now considering my school schedule. I grab a snack on the go and if I have time, I will pack a lunch. I have tried dieting throughout the past couple of years, but it never lasted long enough to have an impact on me. I would really like to focus this time and try to find some motivation to help push me towards my goals.

The nursing model I chose to help me with this is Nola Pender’s ‘Health Promotion Model’. I chose this one because it is easy to follow and it will help open my eyes to the barriers I need to work around when trying to improve on these things. It will also help me realize the strong benefits that come with eating healthy and working out. Some of the benefits I would get from working out are staying in shape, losing weight, maintaining strong muscles and bones, increasing energy, reducing risk of disease, helping brain function, helping with sleep, reducing pain, and reducing stress.

The benefits from eating healthy include the fact that it reduces my risk of heart disease, weight problems, and getting diabetes. Also, eating healthy ensures that I will get the vitamins and nutrients I need to feel good and have energy. If I do not eat a healthy breakfast, I feel drowsy for a majority of the day. It is a terrible feeling that I would like to avoid if possible. Some of the barriers I face for both of my goals are not finding time, not having enough motivation, not having a consistent routine, and not having people who will push me to stay on it.

My plan of self-care is to start working out at least three days a week for twenty to thirty minutes. I will also plan out my meals the day before, so I will not have to worry about it later on. A lot of my friends meal prep, so I think I will give that a shot. I will weigh out the benefits and obstacles that I listed above, as shown in Pender’s model. This will make me realize how important these two things really are for my health. Pender also talks about interpersonal influences like family, peers, and a strong support system. I will make sure I tell my boyfriend and mom my goals, so they can help keep me on track and push me when I want to give up. I will also make sure I have a good support system to help push me along the way. I think that doing it with someone will help because we can hold each other accountable.

Pender also points out that a person must be committed to their goals. I will keep a food diary to remind myself what I have eaten and what I need to start eating more of. This will help make sure I get a well-balanced meal each time I eat. I could either make a table online or go to and keep track on there. I will have a workout buddy, which will make it easier for me to go to the gym. I will also keep a journal of what type of exercise I did that day and for how long. This will allow me to push myself a little more each day, as it will show me what I am capable of. I think by following these things, I should be able to hold myself accountable and really accomplish my goals. 

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