Economic Factors For Enlargement Of The European Union Economics

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Economic growing is the most indispensable thing to any economic system across the universe, the European Union ( EU ) is no exclusion. There are many issues that must be dealt with when mapping out how to non merely unify states into the EU but create and prolong economic growing. The ways in which that I feel this will be best obtained will be explained throughout this policy paper.

Subjects that will be covered in this paper will include ; increasing the already diversified labor market, Economies of graduated table from providing to a larger market, benefits of a individual market and prolonging economic growing traveling into the hereafter.

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All of the subjects chosen I feel will assist to convey the economic statements for enlarging the European Union.

competitveness in the EU

The individual market that is in operation in the European Union will profit all concern of all sizes which in bend has a positive consequence on the consumer ( s ) , the individual market makes it so that companies are under a individual regulative model in topographic point of all the different complex Torahs of the many different member provinces.

With the remotion of the bulk of barriers-to-trade it consequences in the EU being really fierce in the manner of competition as there are many more merchandises and services on offer which non merely affects the EU markets but because of the 27 member provinces of the EU it has a direct affect on the remainder of the universe, between 96 ‘ and 2006 the EU had created in entire 2.75 million occupations all thanks to the individual market strategy. ( Europa, 2007 )

As with the volume of states runing in the EU the figure of trade Torahs that must be tailored or abandoned are high, all of which have non been dealt with which can sometimes hold an inauspicious affect on trade as Torahs may be unwittingly breached, the sectors in which this is most likely to be found will be in the fiscal services markets. ( Communities, 2009 )

The European committee is explicating programs that will assist to eliminate the staying bureaucratism that is enduring in the EU by 25 % by 2012. If this is seen through to completion it will besides convey down costs.

The individual market does non merely be to patrol the smooth tally of trade throughout the European Union, but to do available a widespread pick of different services and merchandises to all of the EU citizens, this is done by implementing all of the above thoughts to make a competitory environment and besides to infix an efficient travel substructure through manners of travel i.e. inter-connecting train lines that service all corners of the EU, this is already been seen to by things such as the ability for European Union citizens to freely go between other EU member provinces without the fuss of being stopped at lodger lines and transporting a passport.

The EU is non merely a topographic point for the largest of companies, the room for little and average endeavors ( SME ‘s ) is turning at an exponential rate, ( Europa, 2007 ) late 2009 saw study that there were 22.4 million SME ‘s inside the European Union, which gave occupations to 1000000s of EU citizens, accounting for 2/3rds of the occupation market in the EU.

To help the sum of little and average endeavors in the EU and to assist bring forth more the fight invention model ( CIP ) were awarded support in late 2006 at a value of merely over two billion euro to fund the up and coming SME ‘s in the EU in 2007 to 2013. The programme will back up people wishing to put up a new company in the EU and help them through all of the necessary phases from R & A ; D to fiscal aid.

The clip that elapsed from a company registering in the EU has been cut from 24 yearss down to 12 yearss

Making Jobs for future expansion

Making occupations for EU citizens is a high precedence of the European Union, 40 % of its budget is spent on making merely that, combined with growing. Its policy is to assist to shut the spread between the fortunate and those less away, the money is regulated and spread equally through different parts in the EU, the European societal fund ( ESF ) is awarded this occupation. They have merely under 60 billion to pass each twelvemonth.

The ESF works about identically to the authorities tally ‘jobseekers allowance ‘ officially ‘the dole ‘ in the UK. Its financess are spent on acquiring unemployed EU citizens back into work by bettering the agencies of communicating between the unemployed and different beginnings of occupation chances. More than this though, money is spent on assisting to better educational systems an conveying societal segregation and favoritism to an terminal.

Harmonizing to ( Communities, 2009 ) the European societal fund will hold made available about half a million new occupations by 2015.

The topographic points within the EU where there is a serious job with unemployment that the ESF can non make there is another company ; regional development coherence financess ( RDCF ) they deal merely in countries in where per capita income are below mean. In these occasions money is used to excite companies/projects in that country that will supply occupations for the long-run. The projects/jobs that are created from these strategies will be targeted at bettering communications and conveyance, which will better cross lodger dealingss.

The more people in work will intend that there is know 1 that will be barricading the economic expansion of the EU.

Generating the sum of occupations necessary for the EU to be working at full capacity will non be easy, if accomplishable at all, nevertheless the people who have occupations must be ( to a certain extent ) stimulated to make that occupation, Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands shows us that if a individual values their work they will be up to five times more productive than that of a individual who is non. The more people that are productive will intend that the EU will increase its fight and therefore will be able to enlarge quicker, therefore make even more occupations.

The EU has taken stairss to guarantee that lifting unemployment will be a thing of the yesteryear, unless a recession is suffered, ( or that of the similar ) they have agreed instruction and employment policies across the board that if a immature individual is to go unemployed than within four months that individual will be able to take advantage of an apprenticeship, occupation or farther instruction, this mark is to be to the full in affect by December 2010.

An Economic Policy to excite expansion

For the EU to carry through what it believes to be its rightful mantle of economic high quality it must set forceful force per unit area on all of the states in the EU to hold on a widespread economic policy and schemes that will guarantee economic sustainability, for if even one member of the EU was to non welcome the policies on offer it would dispute the credibleness of the European Union ‘s authorization.

A cardinal figure in the EU that culminates all of the set out policies and dockets that is to be agreed by all is done through the economic and pecuniary brotherhood ( EMU ) The obvious chief docket that the EMU oversee is the currency, the ‘euro ‘ , non all of the member provinces have accepted the euro as the national currency, for illustration – Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. However they have agreed on rules on which to run their economic systems on, irrespective of currency, the policies have been established with the mentality that they will function to stabalise the economic system and laic foundations on which to advance economic growing.

Some of the policies that the economic systems of the EU must adhere to are instead simple, yet many states fall victim to, such as ; prolonging their economic system without holding to borrow which so makes manner for ageless debt which many economic systems do non stop up being able to pay back and it so takes an inauspicious affect on the sovereignty of the state itself. If the economic system was to borrow it would hold to be a really elaborately deliberate sum and it would hold to be seen to non impact countries of disbursement that straight affect the EU economic system, for case ; occupation creative activity, societal attention and substructure.

The states that are regulated by the same currency, the euro, they have their ain rules that are easy regulated by the EMU. Other than being audited by the EMU the states in the euro currency are monitored by a group called the eurogroup.

For an economic system to be genuinely sustainable the chief policy that will be needed to be in topographic point is that of supervising rising prices. Low rising prices is the optimal degree of which an economic system wants to run at. The manner to acquire it is instead simple ( on paper ) the regulating organic structure must hold a really balanced budget and instead low degrees of debt, some degree of debt is inevitable. The two factors both help to maintain rising prices at a comparatively low degree and will besides intend that the country/economy will non necessitate to borrow money to worsen any debt that they may already hold.

Like all big economic systems around the Earth, the EU has a cardinal bank, suitably named the ‘European Central Bank ‘ , the bank has a monopoly on the production on the currency ( euro ) . It is the work of this bank, once more like all major cardinal Bankss, to maintain rising prices degrees at a lower limit.

One of the ways that the bank keeps rates low is, it defines a rate of which a state that wishes to borrow money from it can, but at a rate that borrowing that money will non impact the degree of rising prices. The mean degree of rising prices in the EU that must be kept to is 2 % . States in the European Union that have their ain cardinal Bankss will all anoint their ain degrees of involvement rates nevertheless, it can non change greatly from that of the EU cardinal bank, a step that is taken to forestall this is that of the EMU.

The euro has been in or around the 2 % rising prices grade since the euro currency was introduced in 1999, although in 2008, to be expected, monetary values were drove up by the universe demand for oil and other resources. Below is a graph courtesy of

[ hypertext transfer protocol: // Symbol=EUR ] Figure1

The above graph shows the degrees of rising prices rates in the Euro-zone from the terminal of 2006 to January 2010, the degrees of which have been kept at a astonishing norm of 2.1 %

The Euro

The euro has gone from an ‘experiment ‘ to the 2nd most used currency in the universe after the U.S Dollar in merely 11 old ages. This success of the euro is the most major factor in the success of the EU and the future expansion of the European Union as it is now used daily in concern minutess worldwide. Equally far as EU expansion is concerned the euro has helped to make occupations and open up markets that would non hold been available with trade-barriers still working.

Since its execution in 1999 the euro country has created 16million occupations.

The euro currency serves over 350 million people in the EU which accounts for two tierces of the EU population in states of, Malta, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, , the Netherlands, Austria, ; Belgium Portugal, Slovenia, Ireland and Finland. The UK are non utilizing the currency because of the strength of the GPB that we have here in the UK. Countries that entered the euro in 2004/7 are all commited to take on the euro when their several economic systems are able to manage it.

Expansion of the EU with the Euro

The euro will assist the EU expansion policies as the euro is going more and more widespread, with things already mentioned in this paper like the remotion of trade-barriers and duties. Now, EU citizens can non merely freely travel through the EU member states without fuss at lodgers or managing a passport but they need non travel through the rigamarole of sing the agency de alteration.

For concerns that are based in the European Union they are now able to do, in some instances, a important economy through non holding to devaluate their capital because of foreign exchange rates, if anything states outside the EU are the 1s who are now burdened with holding to alter money.

Over 13 % of the universes trade can be traced back to the EU members who are ruled under the euro currency, which is somewhat more than that of the United States of America.

Not merely has the euro shown itself to be a economic growing human dynamo by making occupations and exciting growing, it has paved the manner for historically low rising prices rates. ( see figure 1 )

The euro offers protection for the euro-zone as it prevents fickle alterations that occur in the remainder of the word economic system, such as ; lifting monetary values in oil and nutrient monetary value additions. Monetary value alterations are inevitable but with respects to the EU the alterations will non be every bit near as the volume that will be incurred by the U.S.

What does the hereafter of expansion have in shop?

Through structural and labour reforms the European committee along with the single authoritiess in the EU have managed to go on to prolong and advance occupation growing and economic expansion thanks to the policies such as increasing fight.

The start of the decennary saw those in occupations was at 62 % which had a 70 % mark for this twelvemonth ( 2010 ) At this clip of composing the figure is at 66 % . The below graph, ( figure 2 ) shows the sum of the EU population who have been unemployed for 2+ old ages as of May 2009Figure 2 [ hypertext transfer protocol: // ]

With 7+ million occupations being created in merely one twelvemonth in 2007 unemployment in the EU is continually cut downing, by bracing the EU economic system it has become much more immune to any economic downswings in recent old ages and unemployment is still diminishing.


Throughout this policy paper I have discussed the deductions of go oning the EU expansion docket which could shortly integrate those of Croatia and China, among many others that presently have applications submitted with the EU committee. I have considered the factors of expansion which includes most significantly – Job creative activity, something that has been one of the chief precedences of the EU committee as it has taken such steps as taking barrier-to-trade and put ining an single trade and labour model of which all the member states can adhere to alternatively of each single state holding conflicting Torahs and ordinances. The move to a individual market – which once more supports all of the larger more constituted companies yet, authorising the SME ‘s that have merely started up, helping them with the necessary resources. I besides covered free motion of labor.

All of the factors discussed support the thought of this policy documents first premise – continued expansion of the EU.

From my research I think that in non go oning to enlarge the EU into states such as Croatia and Turkey would be nil shy of irresponsible, with the right entryway policies that were implemented in each of the other member provinces, the two states could assist to prolong the degrees of growing that the EU has become accustom to in the past few old ages.

The European Union ‘s economic system is one of the universe ‘s precursors, acquiring to that phase in merely eleven old ages and still traveling strong, a decreased rate of growing was felt in the period from 2008-09 as it was in all of the universe ‘s economic systems.

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