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Economy Essay, Research Paper

I. Introduction

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Economy is a scientific discipline including many mutable topics when researching in a

certain locality. To explicate basic economic ordinances of the universe in a homogenous construction does non suit the economic sciences nature. Even if economic system is a procedure that can demo diversified alterations, behind these there are concrete grounds that consequence long term economic plans that should non be missed, which is historical procedure. When researching a county s economic system, the precedence should be to province that state s historical elements.

My sentiment about economic system is that it keeps logic for all universe states, even if it s technological developments.

When researching, a good manner to follow is happening the facts of the bing geographics, the effects of that geographics or possible effects and comparing the state that I chose and the other states of the same part, after linking economic system with its yesteryear. This helps us to do a opinion for the state s political relations of economic system, its productiveness and net incomes from these.

After analyzing the subjective elements in its ain part, so it will be easy to set a name to that objectiveness.

II. History

The original talkers of the Turkish linguistic communication lived in Central Asia. They were nomads who converted to Islam. Turkish nomads expanded due west under the leading of the Seljuk household of grand Turks. Their forces were unlike what is normally thought of as an ground forces. They shortly raided the Byzantine Empire and opened Anatolia to Turkish colony. Many other people, such as, Greeks, Kurds, and Armenians lived here excessively. They shortly adopted the Turkish linguistic communication and converted to Islam and became Turks themselves.

A military leader, Osman, founded the Ottoman Empire at the terminal of the 13th century. They conquered Europe, Asia, and Africa. By 1556, the Ottoman Empire stretched from the boundary lines of Poland in the North, to Yemen in the South, and from close Venice in the West, to Iran in the East. The Ottoman Turkish administrative ballad in regulating what they had conquered. The endurance of any authorities for six centuries is in itself a testimony to greatness. The Turks proved to be adaptable to new fortunes. They managed to turn their system from a mobile province whose members were more of course roamers than solons to a settled imperium with Torahs, revenue enhancement systems, and economic might. The province was based on tolerance of differences among its topics. Christians and Jews were allowed to maintain their spiritual patterns. This was good for the Ottomans, because satisfied topics did non arise.

In the 1600s and 1700s the Ottoman cardinal authorities weakened as European power increased. The Europeans were interpreting the benefits of the Renaissance, the scientific revolution, and the find of Americas into military and economic advantage. As the Ottoman Empire compressed, the Turks besides began to develop a national consciousness.

The ultimate push toward Turkish nationhood came after World War I. Anatolia, Istanbul, and a little part of Europe were all that was left to the Turks. Then in 1919, Anatolia was besides invaded. Aided by Britain, France, and Italy, the Grecian Army landed and took control of Western Anatolia and Eastern Thrace. The European Alliess took Istanbul themselves. Pulling on their old military accomplishments, the Turks organized to salvage what remained. They went under the leading of General Mustafa Kemal, defeated the Greeks, and created a new province, the Turkish Republic, in Anatolia and eastern Thrace, on October 29, 1923. Mustafa Kemal became the first president of the Republic. He devised political, economic, and societal reforms that would convey Turkey in to the modern universe. Once once more the Turks proved to be adaptable to alter. Soon after this, Turkey became a secular province. Islam remained the faith of most of the people, but the province was non spiritual. Other alterations followed: the head covering and the Fez were banned and Western manners of vesture appeared. Womans were given the ballot and elected to Parliament. The Turkish linguistic communication began to be written in Western characters, non Arabic letters. Laws were based on Western legal codifications, schools followed Western theoretical accounts.

Mustafa Kemal s authorities required all Turks to alter the wont of centuries and follow household names as in the West. This is when he took the family name, Ataturk, male parent of the Turks. Ataturk and Turkish reformists felt that Western ways could non be adopted one portion at a clip. They believed that copying the industries and economic systems of the West was non possible unless one besides accepted Western schools, concern patterns, and societal imposts. It was the whole of the Western civilization that allowed Europe to develop economically, they felt, they wanted this state to develop, so the state had to Westernize. Accepting the ways of the West meant accepting democracy. In the 1950 s the Turks created a existent democracy which, despite some obstructions continues to this twenty-four hours.

III. Background

The Republic of Turkey is located at Southeastern Europe and Southwest Asia, surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Iran. Its is one of the few states placed on two continents. Turkey s land mass is more than 780, The European and Asiatic sides are divided by the Istanbul Bogazi ( Bosphorus ) , the Sea of Marmara, and the Canakkale Bogazi ( Dardanelles ) . Anatolia is a high tableland part lifting increasingly towards the E, and is broken by the vales of 15 rivers including the Tigris and the Euphrates.

Turkey enjoys a assortment of climes, altering from temperate clime of Black Sea part, to Continental clime of inside, so to the Mediterranean clime of coastal parts. Their summers are hot and dry while winters are mild and moisture. The geological mistake that runs parallel with the Black Sea seashore, from the caput of the Gulf of Izmit, through Bolu to Erzurum, is responsible for the frequent temblors.

The population of Turkey is 63 million. This population includes 80 % of Turks and 20 % of Kurds. 99.8 % of Turks are Muslims while there are still 0.2 % of Christians and Jews. The estimated growing rate in 1996 was 1.67 % .

IV. Human Development

Harmonizing to the World Resources, in the twelvemonth 1995-00 the Crude Birth Rate ( CBR ) is 21.9 births per 1,000 population, and Crude Death Rates ( CDR ) were 6.5 deceases per 1,000 population. The life anticipation of the entire population is 71.92 old ages.

In 1996, 2.58 kids were born per adult female. Health of both the female parent and the babe are negatively affected by factors, such as, mother s low degree of instruction, early and late gestations, deficiency of pre-natal, and post-natal attention, low rate of adult females who benefit from wellness establishments, unintended and unwanted gestations which amount to 32 % and hapless economic conditions of households. Changes happening in the household construction due to industrialisation and urbanisation have besides impacts on traditional map of the household. I believe it is necessary to endorse the household up with modern establishments and services, and take steps for increasing the household public assistance.

Approximately 60 % of the baby and kid mortality root from preventable diseases. Distortions ensuing from inadequate and instability nutrition, and nutritionary diseases stemming from vitamin and mineral lacks are often observed in kids. It is the basic aim to maintain kids alive and guarantee their healthy development. Bing a Turkish citizen myself, I believe that attempts should be carried out to widen kid wellness services and guarantee good nutrition for kids for cut downing child mortality.

V. Education

The literacy rate for a female is 72.4 % while the males are 91.7 % harmonizing to statistics from Ministry of Education in Turkey. Pre-school instruction could non be sufficiently developed and as a consequence of this 1.4 million kids bulk of which is misss, leave formal instruction after the primary school. This is why, Turkey should do attempts to include kids who have remained out of the instruction procedure and supply them vocational instruction.

VI. Economy

The Turkish economic system consists of a mixture of modern industry and commercialism and of clip honored village agribusiness and trades. Since the World War II it has become integrated into the West European economic sphere, for illustration, as a member of OECD.

The economic system has improved significantly since the 1994 crisis, when the economic system experienced a crisp bead and rising prices hit ternary figures. Turkey s economic system is the 16th largest in the universe. The US Department of Commerce has identified Turkey as one of the 10 most promising rising economic systems, and a recent World Bank Study besides declared Turkey on of the 10 states most likely to come in the top grade of the universe economic system.

In the early 1980 s, Turkey implemented a series of of import economic reforms aimed at liberalising the Turkish economic system and incorporating it into the planetary economic system.

The chief constituents of this economic reform were cut downing authorities intercession, pattern a flexible exchange rate policy, liberalising import ordinances, increasing exports, set uping free trade zones, promoting foreign capital investing, and deconcentrating authorities activities. As a consequence of economic reforms based on free market rules, the Turkish economic system has experienced an mean growing rate of about 5 % over the past 20 old ages, a record among OECD states.

Based on the World Resources, in 1995, Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) per capita was 2,709 dollars and 2,780 dollars per capita for Gross National Product ( GNP ) . The agricultural sector has been Turkey s largest employer and major subscriber to the GNP. However, as the state has developed, the comparative importance of agribusiness has declined, while the place of industry and the service sector has increased.

VII. Agribusiness

Historically, the agribusiness sector has been Turkey s largest employer and a major contributory to the state s GDP, exports, and industrial growing. However, as the state has developed, agribusiness has declined in importance relation to the quickly turning industry and service sectors. Turkey has a far richer gift of agricultural resources than any other Mediterranean state. Close to 36 % of Turkey s land is cultivated, more than 15 % of it being irrigated. Estimates of domestic resource costs in agribusiness indicate that Turkey has important comparative advantages in a broad scope of merchandises. Turkey s propinquity to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa gives it easy entree to big markets through the Black Sea to the North, the Aegean Sea to the West and the Mediterranean to the South. Agriculture and agribusiness keep the promise of doing a major part to Turkey s economic development.

Turkey boasts a broad scope of fruit and vegetable production, but incurs jobs in aggregation and distribution. Turkey is the universe s 9th largest manufacturer of fruits, and the 5th larger manufacturer of veggies. The state produces 80 types of fresh fruits and veggies out of 140 merchandises grown in the universe. Out of 80 types of fresh green goods, 50 sorts are exported. Although around 25 % of fruit and vegetable production tend to botch due to unequal storage, recent old ages have seen the constitution of improved cold storage and packaging installations to relieve the waste. An extra factor promoting the sector growing has been the rapid development of big retail ironss. The sector is a precedence for the authorities and has good export potency, every bit good as offering major chances for foreign investors. The qu

ality of processing has besides improved, and Turkey has begun to increase its exports.

Cereals are of great importance in Turkish agribusiness. Wheat, hardly, oats, rye, maize, and rice are the chief species of cereals produced in Turkey. Turkey is the chief manufacturer of oriental type baccy in the universe. Among the chief industrial harvests produced in Turkey, baccy is a traditional agricultural export point of the state. Edible nuts and dried fruit production dominates the universe markets. Pistachios, hazelnuts, dried apricots and figs are really of import for agricultural export. They are called traditional agricultural export merchandises of Turkey. Turkey is one of top states in the universe every bit far as the figure of animate beings is concerned. However, domestic animate being end product is below domestic demand, therefore carnal slaughter has tended to transcend carnal birth rates ; animate being and meat imports are on the rise and exports of unrecorded animate beings and meat merchandises have declined. Domestic domestic fowl ingestion has grown most rapidly, mostly displacing traditional meats such as lamb, and caprine animal. Turkey has been known as a state of piscary merchandises since antediluvian times. Surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey besides boasts legion lakes and rivers where a broad assortment of fish live.

Although agribusiness has become a less important sector in the Turkish economic system over a period of several decennaries, it still accounts for a comparatively larger portion of entire end product and employment than in many other states. Turkey has a big agricultural resource base with possible to spread out end product, particularly through increased harvest outputs. In the yesteryear, the authorities has intervened to a great extent in its agricultural sector through monetary value supports, import protection. To increase nutrient autonomy and rural development provide the right nutrition, and low-cost nutrient has been adopted among authorities aims.

There are economic differences between urban and rural countries. However the authorities is beef uping the agribusiness resource base and spread outing employment chances by upgrading local endeavors and pulling new industries. The focal point of the policy is the development of the Southeastern Anatolian Project. Large houses and retentions have an oculus on the agribusiness sector. In malice of the addition in production and import and the unsure agribusiness political relations, houses continue puting in it. The most of import ground for this is despite of the uncertainness, the positive future mentality of the sector. Role of the Southeastern Anatolian Project ( GAP ) is really of import in this determination. It is the biggest hope of the Turkish Agricultural Sector which has underdeveloped daily because of the incorrect political determinations. It is expected to hold a roar in the agribusiness sector when the GAP is finished in 2010.

Irrigation is a agency of cut downing conditions induced production fluctuations. Therefore, Turkey is giving high precedence to bettering land and H2O resources and spread outing irrigation. It has given about two-thirds of entire public agricultural investing for land and H2O betterment. Environmental debasement and resource preservation are increasing concern to the Turkish agricultural sector. Escalating production, particularly by utilizing chemical fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation, puts farther accent on the environment.

VIII. Agricultural Trade Policy

Turkey s closeness to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa gives it easy entree to big markets. Turkey s internal market, which is characterized by high population growing rates, and turning incomes, should besides see rapid growing in demand for more nutrient of higher quality.

The chief aims of the Turkish agricultural policy are set out in consecutive five-year development programs. These are to stabilise agricultural monetary values, proved equal incomes for those working in agribusiness, to run into nutritionary demands for the turning populations, to develop rural countries, and to develop the export potency of agribusiness. Turkey has made important betterments in opening up its boundary lines to imports and cut downing controls on exports. Free circulation of traditional agricultural merchandises between Turkey and the European Union ( EU ) will go possible to the extent that Turkey approximates its agricultural policy to the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

IX. Turkey and European Union

Turkey is the lone pluralist secular democracy in the Moslem universe and has ever attached great importance to developing its dealingss with other European states. Turkey has ever had an individuality job with respect to its place within the European system of provinces. Turkey does non portion in the Judeao-Christian cultural tradition, but neither does it belong to the preponderantly Arab Islamic civilization. Turkey began occidentalizing its economic, political, and societal constructions in the 19th century. Since 1952, Turkey has played a full portion in most Western and European international organisations, from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) , to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) to the Council of Europe.

Turkey is a big state with big, Westernized towns but besides rearward rural countries where degrees of societal and economic development are still much lower than the European norm. In Turkish society, differences of position, instruction, and wealth, and differences between Middle Eastern Islamic and modern Western imposts are interrelated ; together they form an unfastened and extremely dynamic form. Bing a Turkish citizen and a individual who has studied in Europe for a semester, I believe that Turkey is a state who has been caught between two continents, two traditions and two sorts of history.

Ten. Turkey and Greece

Problem and differences between Turkey and Greece include self government and control over the sea, and air space, rights over the Aegean continental shelf. Cooperation is easier to state than to pattern in Turkish-Greek dealingss. The two states, with political, societal, and economic similarities have been invariably looking for similar functions in the international system. Most perceivers seem to believe that Cyprus is the key to Turkish and Grecian dealingss. Cyprus is a really of import issue impacting the bilateral dealingss of the two provinces, but it can non be treated as the lone job between these two provinces. The best manner of deciding Turkish-Greek differences, including those associating to the Aegean, is a procedure of duologue and meaningful sincere dialogues. Understanding and friendly relationship between Turkey and Greece will doubtless be to the benefit of both states.

Eleven. Turkey and the Middle East

Turkey portions a deep-seated historical, cultural, and traditional ties with the Middle East and promotes friendly dealingss with all the states and people of the part. Developments in the Middle East are followed closely and felt strongly in Turkey. Turkey has ever desired to see a just, permanent, and comprehensive peace take root in this conflict-ridden part. Turkey considers the Middle East Peace Process as a aureate chance for settling the Arab-Israeli struggle and making a merely peace in the part. Therefore, Turkey has given her full support to the peace procedure from the really get downing. The success of the procedure is really necessary for peace in the Middle East every bit good as for making the necessary environment for economic and societal development. All the people of the part will profit from a just, and permanent peace.

Turkey welcomed the understandings signed in the context of the procedure so far. However, Turkey believes that it is of import to honour the understandings and to transport them out so that an ambiance of common assurance is created. Equally long as the parties live up to their committednesss, there is no ground why the vision of a hereafter Middle East where peoples of the part live together in peace and security should non go world. Turkey has ever tried to lend to the peace procedure. Profiting from its traditional ties with the Arab parties to the procedure and its good dealingss with Israel, Turkey encourages both sides for the success of the peace procedure. Turkey wants to play an active function in the part, both politically and economically. But while making so, takes attention non to acquire involved in regional dissensions or to take sides. Turkey believes that the acceptance of gradual confidence-building steps among the regional states will assist cut down the hazard of war.

Twelve. The Southeastern Anatolian Project and the Environment

Southeast Anatolian Project, or GAP is the biggest development undertaking of all time undertaken by Turkey, and one of the biggest of its sort in the universe. The integrated, multisectoral undertaking includes 13 major undertakings, which are chiefly for irrigation and hydropower coevals. The undertaking envisions the building of 22 dikes and 19 hydroelectric power workss on the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. The country to be irrigated histories for 19 % of the economically irrigated country in Turkey, and the one-year electricity coevals histories for 22 % of the state s economically feasible hydropower potency. It is one of the most ambitious regional development undertakings of all time attempted in the universe. It covers, in add-on to the irrigation and hydropower strategies, all the related societal and economic sectors including transit, industry, excavation, telecommunications, wellness, touristry, and instruction.

The aims for the development of the GAP part are, to increase the productiveness and employment capacity in the Region, to form economic and physical substructure in rural countries, to lend to the national aims of sustained economic growing, to cut down disparity between the part and other parts by increasing public assistance degrees in the Region.

Turkey places great importance on the development of cooperation with states in the part on the topic of the protection of the environment. Turkey participates in the Environment Program along with the states with coastline on the Black Sea and besides takes an active function in Undertakings for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution.

Thirteen. Personal Interview with a Turkish Citizen

In order to derive another position on these subjects, Eylem Cagri Afacan, a pupil at the Law Faculty of Ankara University was interviewed. Afacan, believes that Turkey is a state with a promising hereafter. Having lived in Turkey for all his life, he sees that the state has made great betterment in increasing its attraction as a topographic point to populate and work, by taking to construct a strong economic system and fall ining the European Union. He sees his state offering an first-class base for economic activities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Turkic-Speaking Republic of Central Asia. He says that because of its geographical location, the land connexion to three continents, and the sea environing it on three sides, Turkey has been a good centre for commercialism.

Fourteen. Decision

In decision, this inquiry is frequently asked, is Turkey Western? Harmonizing to the criterions of Europe and the United States, Turkey is undeveloped. I believe that this is a complicated affair because for me there are two Turkeys. There is the urban Turkey of the theaters, smart coffeehouse, the shopping promenades, and there is the rural Turkey, with its crude lodging, and its dismaying illiteracy. I believe that these are non jobs that can t be fixed. I think with some aid Turkey can get the better of these difficult times and carry through the ends. Indeed, as President Clinton noted during his recent visit to Turkey, Turkey has the possible to shortly go a major participant in the planetary economic system.

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