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Effects of Child Abduction

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The problem of child abduction will give effect to victims such as effect on their psychological, their physical will be affected and their academic performance will be poor. Body A One of the consequences on victims of child abduction is on their psychological. * Can lead the victim to anti-social behavior. * They are afraid to socialize with anyone because they feel that kidnappers will catch them back. * The victims may afraid to very people such as police, teachers, doctors who could help them.

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Effects of Child Abduction
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* They also cannot access to proper educational, medical, social services and support. * They always lock themselves at home. They prefer to be alone rather than socializing with their friends. * According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway (2008), when the victims grow up, they are more likely to develop antisocial traits. * Their daily work will be affected. * They do not do their works as usual. * The victims will suffer severe emotional trauma and shock. * The victims will be traumatized because the bad experience still haunt their minds.

* They always think that they are not safe and in fear. * Their relatives always keep asking to know about the victim’ cases.

* Depression will happen to the victims They will lost appetite, cannot sleep at night, and always dreamy and distant with others. * Spila, Makara, Kozak and Urbanska (2008) founds that the victims of child abuse will faced to the likelihood of depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, personality disorders, eating disorder and suicidal behavior. * Another consequence is their physical will be affected. * The kidnappers torturing them with heavy punishment. * The punishments can lead to serious injury inflicting on the victim. * There are severe physical punishment that inappropriate to child’s age which is punch, kick, bite, hit with hand or object, push or throw.

The punishments can cause the physical of the victims full with scars and will handicapped. * In “Child Abuse; How to Help Victims (2006), most of the victims that survive often faced serious physical scars which are burning with ciggarates, scalding hot or other object. Besides kidnappers also choking, hair pulling and the common case is stabbing the victims. * The victims will expose to various disease. * They forced to take drugs by the kidnappers and became addicted. * most of the victims of child abuse will exposed to smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or take illicit drugs during their lifetime(Dube, 2001). They will infected to HIV and AIDS when the kidnappers raped them and the worst is they will be infertile. * The kidnappers kidnapped because to make them prostitute, to rape them, or sodomy. * The victims of child abuse is to likelihood in sexual risk-taking as they reach adolescence and will affect a sexually transmitted disease (Johnson, Rew, and Sternglanz,2006 as cite in The Child Welfare Information Gateway,2008). * They also will afraid to be married and can lead to suicide. * Another consequence is poor academic performance.

* They cannot focus on studies. They do not pay attention when teachers were teaching. * They always lost in thought. * They do not join any curricular activities. * A study by Draper(2007) found that most of the children will isolate themselves and they will low their levels of social support. * They will increase the risk of living alone. * They have poor self-esteem and not confident to themselves. * They often absent from schools * They feel do not safe in anywhere including school.

* Their will develop the aggressive behaviours and has less motivation. * The victims draw conclusion that aggression is successful way to get what they want. Their bad experience makes them to draw into conclusion that aggression will make people more respect to them. * According to Professor Bassel van Der Kolk(n. d. ), the victim will face trauma and to cause endogenous origin , including various kinds ofphobich , depressive, anxiety and eating disorder, antisocial and multiple personality disorder. * They will get involved with gangsterism, vandalism, bully and juvenile deliquancy. Conclusion The victims will get serious impact when child abduction is happened especially on their psychological, their physical will get serious injuries and difficult for them to perform in their academics.

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