Employee Is the Most Important Asset

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“Human Resource is the most of import plus of an organization” . In Singapore. where there are no natural resources. human capital is one of the valuable resources that the state depends on to pull foreign investors. The accomplishments. cognition and experience of each single contribute to the growing of organisations. communities and the development of the state. With today’s work force going more diverse. the importance of employee has besides been progressively highlighted in the organisations.

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Peoples are employed to execute the assorted hierarchy functions in the different divisions of an organisation. They are chiefly the Admin. Gross saless & A ; Marketing. Finance. Production. Information Technology. Customer Service and Human Resource.

In order to derive a competitory advantage in the market. it is critical to hold the right people in their several function in these functional divisions as the staff can so execute their range of work to bring forth first-class consequences for the company. Particularly when employees’ endowments are valuable. rare and hard to copy. an organisation can accomplish a sustained competitory advantage.

Human resource is ever related to one organisation profitableness and their ability can non be replaced by machines as discussed by Hargreaves and Jarvis ( 1998: 3 ) .


Every concern and administration will hold its ain alone civilization. based in the prevailing beliefs and values within the concern and organisation. The advanced equipment. new engineering. good selling strategic. first-class client services and many other elements can be the factors to construct up for the success of an organisation. In every concern people are playing different functions with defined duties and answerability. Take for illustration. in the fabrication and production industries. the mill and machines are considered really of import merely as the people.

However. I agree to a big extent that human resource is still surely an highly valuable plus to finding the success or failure. In an industry that depends on extremely skilled professionals in a service house. without their support. the organization’s day-to-day concern map will non be done good and ready.

In my sentiment. one good illustration of a successful organisation that values its employees as an of import plus of its concern would be CapitaLand Limited. CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest existent estate companies and it believes that people are the nucleus assets. This is made true with its doctrine of “Building Peoples to Construct for People” .

A 2nd illustration would be Sheng Siong Supermarket Pte Ltd. The pull offing manager. Mr Lim Hock Chee is a hardworking adult male who believes in handling the employees good. His staffs get one free repast every twenty-four hours – a buffet-style 1 for those who work in the Woodlands central offices and boxed repasts for the remainder. He ever has the employees’ involvements at bosom and will travel out of his manner to assist anyone who has jobs at place e. g. giving hard currency inducements to those with immature childs. He believes that merely when the employee is happy at place will he be able to concentrate at work.

Ultimately. a motivated employee can do a important difference to the company’s underside line in footings of conveying in new orders. meeting client demands. developing new merchandises and therefore run intoing the ends of the organisation.


Employees’ endowment and attempts have touchable effects on an organization’s productiveness and stableness. As such. attempts are frequently been neglected and neglect to fulfill employees’ demands. When employees’ attempts are non recognized. there will be a deficiency of committedness to the organisation. Therefore. employees will non be motivated and will be less originative. It is of import to hold a common apprehension of holding a work-life balance environment for its employees.

CONCLUSION As people’s endowment. ability. and appreciation of the concern improve. some group members are likely to recognize their ain high growing potency. Administrations will likely endure minor reverses when losing a valuable squad member to a better occupation or even another company. On the contrary. it means the administration is giving its people of import accomplishments.

Hence by assisting the people to scale up their critical accomplishments. it can set up accomplishments answerability and foster uninterrupted larning – a cardinal strength in today’s market place of invariably altering environment. Let’s create and advance a civilization of cognition and invention in our organisation. and respect Human Asset – the most valuable Intangible Asset.

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