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Engineering Management Essay

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Name: XYZ Program Applied For: MS in Engineering Management Ever since I was taught how to operate a computer in my school, I have been fascinated by the way this small box was able to perform numerous functions in such less time. I still remember the day when my brother taught me how to browse the internet and find the necessary information. I was spellbound at the fact that so much information was only a click away. From then on my curiosity to learn about this device and its functions kept growing.

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Engineering Management
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Egged on by my parents and teachers and my innate predilection for science and technology, a degree in Information Technology was the logical career choice. My under graduate program was a judicious mix of theory and practice. Core subjects like Computer Organization, Data Base Management Systems, Microprocessor & Interfacing, OOPS Through JAVA, Web Technologies and Multimedia & Application Development were the courses that fascinated me and I made efforts to acquire extended knowledge on them outside the realms of my syllabus.

These not only enhanced my learning but also reflected in my excellent academic grades. I was an active member of my college’s event management team and was appreciated by many for the management skills that I possessed. That’s when I realized my potential in management and started looking for options to improve these skills. I then learned about Masters in Engineering Management which could bridge the gap between engineering and management. My engineering curriculum required me to do a project/intern. I along with my team mates chose to do a project which would prove to be fruitful for us as well as our college.

We decided to design a project which would enable the lecturers to record the session that they are currently taking in a particular class and then save it in the college library. The main objective of my project was to provide back up classes to students who missed out on a particular session without necessarily going to the concern lecturer in person. The basic requirements for my project are a system with a camera installed in every class, computer labs for the students to access the sessions and a college data base.

The working of my project is as follows- the lecturer before starting the session in a class initiates the camera and the computer. He then starts the recording and starts his session. As he is conducting a session in the class it gets recorded word to word in the system. Once he is done with the session he stops the recording and saves it with the details required. This recorded session automatically gets saved onto the college database and is accessible from the college library. The students who had missed that particular session or want to listen to it again can access the sessions from the library using their ID and password.

If they have any doubts they can post them on the forum which will be clarified by the concern lecturer as soon as possible. The idea of this project is to save time for both the staff and the student. The idea was proved to be very creative and was appreciated by all. While doing the project a lot of managerial skills such as task assignment, decision making, time management, evaluation etc were required. I had learned a little about these skills in subjects like Management Science and Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis in which I showed keen interest and wanted to learn more.

I also observed that the key to grow in any profession is to strike a perfect balance between core and management skills. These factors were the thriving force behind my decision to opt for Masters in Engineering Management. After a thorough research and expert opinion I have realized that your university is the best place for me to learn and excel in the field of Engineering Management and thus take me closer to my goal of being a successful person who is equipped with both technical and managerial skills. I would be greatly honored if I am

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