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Equality and Diversity Task

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Explain a teacher’s role in promoting equality and valuing diversity As a potential teacher of hairdressing I feel very passionate about equality, every learner that I will welcome into my classroom is an individual and will be treated as such.

My overarching philosophy is a very inclusive approach with every learner that matter’s regardless of social, cultural and religious back ground and it is my job to allow the learner to achieve to their best potential All this will be achieved by firstly I will get the knowledge of each of the learner’s that will be attending and have a base line assessment of each learner so I can assess my learner’s learning styles and needs of which can be: VISUAL – a learner who needs to see work i.

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Equality and Diversity Task
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e PowerPoint’s/hand-out. AURAL – a learner that is best suited to listening and talking.

READ/WRITE – a learner best suited to reading and writing. KINAESTHEIC – a learner who likes doing i.

e practical activities, use hands, fidget with a pen and like’s discussion’s (Fleming 2005) – (VARK). With the help of this type of knowledge of my learner’s will help me in i. e my classroom layout, how I plan my work for each individual learner and meet all their needs. I will use the 4 stages of the training cycle: As above I will identify the learning needs, design the appropriate training, deliver the training, then evaluate the training I have given.

Therefore in my role as the learner’s teacher I will make sure all my learners are treated fairly and have equality of opportunity, this doesn’t mean that all my learner’s will be treated the same but I will recognise their need’s that can be met in different way’s. I value diversity in not discriminating an individual of their age, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, race, family circumstances, culture or social background’s. I welcome equality and diversity in my classroom so each learner and others are treated fairly.

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