A Lucky Day: When We Tried Something Different

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The author recounts a beautiful Sunday morning where their father takes them on a new adventure. They drive to the countryside and are surrounded by nature’s beauty. The author is surprised when their father teaches them how to fish, and though nervous and impatient, they eventually catch a big fish. The author feels lucky and satisfied with the unexpected harvest, and the day becomes an unforgettable memory.

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A Lucky Day It was a beautiful Sunday morning, my dad hit upon a sudden idea that he would like us to try something different we have never done before. When hearing that, I couldn’t wait to do something special and funny and expected where Dad was going to take us. With joy and excitement, we kids sang happily and talked cheerfully all the way in the car. When we arrived the quiet and peaceful country with a great view welcoming our visiting, I just felt like I was in a wonderland surrounded with many giant trees, lovely birds, beautiful flowers, and other nature creatures.

Of course, I couldn’t miss the good chance of taking pictures of the wonderful scenery. Before long, I heard Dad’s calling not far from me. To my surprise, he was ready to teach me how to catch a fish by giving me a fishing rod. The rivers in the suburbs were so clean and clear that we could see a lot of fish swimming here and there. Actually, it was my first time to try fishing, so I was kind of nervous and excited.

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As time went by, the longer I waited, the more patience I lost because I got nothing but some plastic bags or let the small fish slip out of my bait. While I was about to give up, the fishing rod in my hand was suddenly shaking hard. Did I catch the big fish? I asked the question in my mind and hoped that my guess was right. Oh, yes, “I got a huuuuuge fish, come over here to help me, Dad! I couldn’t pull it up. ” Everybody heard me crying and rushed to the river side to help me pull out the big fish.

Everyone in my family was shocked by what I caught. I never thought I was able to get such a pretty big fish. The feeling of catching the first big fish was the same as the feeling of winning the first prize in the lottery game. I thought I was lucky enough because I didn’t have any experience of catching fish. Even though I didn’t get any other surprises from the deep river in the rest time, I was very satisfied with the unexpected harvest. To me, it was a lucky day and it gave me an unforgettable memory in my life.

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