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Lucky Cement Limited has been sponsored by Yunus Brothers Group ( YB Group ) which is one of the largest concern groups of the Country based in Karachi and has grown up unusually over the last 50 old ages. The YB Group is engaged in diversified fabrication activities including Textile, Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Finishing, Stitching and Power Generation. The Group consists of a figure of industrial constitutions other so Lucky Cement Limited, they include:

Lucky Cement Limited is located on chief Indus Highway between D.I.Khan & A ; Bannu in Pezu, Distt. Lakki Marwat, NWFP. In 2005 lucky has started a new works in Karachi and go the largest cement exporter in Pakistan. In 2006 Lucky cement has made an investing of over US $ 8 Million to develop the substructure & A ; logistics and for farther developing a fleet of cement bulkers to transport loose cement from its Karachi Plant to the Ports. In 2007 lucky cement started to export loose cement through sea and go the largest cement fabricating company in Pakistan, It is an aspiration of Lucky Cement to set Pakistan on universe map as a taking manufacturer & A ; exporter of loose cement in international market.

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Lucky cement has Efficient and effectual Human Resource direction which is a challenge to all HR professionals. Staffing, preparation and assisting to pull off people so that the organisation is likely to increase the public presentation degree is imperative to work in a productive mode. Normally, human resource at lucky cement has maps like tracking informations points on each employee. These include experiences, capablenesss, accomplishments, informations, personal histories and paysheet records. In the most general sense lucky cement carry out different activities covering with pull offing their attacks to employee benefits and compensation, every bit good as employee records and forces policies.

None the less lucky cement HR has an of import aim is the industrial dealingss services connoting set uping effectual relationships between the employer and the staff. Staff should be good informed about safety and wellness issues in the workplace. What is required to derive this aim is the staff ‘s engagement in a broad scope of preparation and consciousness plans in the country of safety and wellness. Staff development aim can be realized through different accomplishments development classs designed to promote farther accomplishments development necessary to transport out their duties.

A broad scope of human resource schemes in lucky cement is aimed at more flexible planning can include improved links between public presentation and wage, improved public presentation measuring processs for all staff, improved enlisting and keeping schemes, and encouragement of accomplishments development.

Lucky cement HR has aims is to excite the development of employees to be their best in order to run into the demands of an organisation. A successful public presentation direction system in lucky cement purposes to heightening the forces ‘s committedness to developing the concern long-run and can give challenges which will heighten the staff personal growing.

Lucky cement ‘s Recruitment & A ; choice procedure: Degree centigrade: Documents and Settingsmohsin aliDesktopuntitled.bmp

Recruitment is the procedure of placing and pulling possible campaigners from within and outside an organisation to get down measuring them for future employment. Once campaigners are identified, an organisation can get down the choice procedure. This includes collection, measurement, and measuring information about campaigners ‘ makings for specified places. Organizations use these procedures to increase the likeliness of engaging persons who possess the right accomplishments and abilities to be successful at their occupations. Lucky cement prefers internal enlisting so external enlisting particularly for managerial places because they are good cognizant of the cognition, accomplishments and abilities of the employee.

Lucky cement seamster ‘s their enlisting schemes to the specific places they are seeking to make full. These schemes might differ depending on the degree of the place. They use to enroll for two types of places: managerial/professional and Labors following table below provides the approximative per centums that lucky cement is utilizing each scheme.

Lucky cement evaluates its recruiting sooner through clip, quality and measure of appliers because gaps filled rapidly with qualified campaigners, so the work and productiveness of the organisation are non delayed by vacancies.

Choice procedure:

“ Choosing qualified employees is like seting money in the bank. JOHN BOUDREAU ”

Choice is the procedure of taking persons who have relevant makings to make full occupations in an organisation. Most organisations take certain common stairss to treat appliers for occupations. Variations on this basic procedure depend on organisational size, nature of occupations to be filled ; figure of people to be selected, Lucky cement has a similar sort of flow chart for their choice procedure.

Degree centigrades: Documents and Settingsmohsin aliDesktopimage.jpg

Reception and Job Preview/Interest Screening:

In lucky cement they feel that it is appropriate to hold a brief interview, initial showing or a occupation preview/interest screen, to see if the applier is likely to fit any occupations available in the organisation before leting the applier to make full out an application signifier.

Campaigners reach to the organisation some of them are solicited agencies come through advertizements or asked to drop sketchs and some of them are unasked agencies they are walk in campaigners. Professional intervention is given to all campaigners during the choice procedure because for most appliers a occupation contact of any sort is a important event.

Application Forms:

Lucky cement has its ain good design employment signifier. The employment signifier is consist of several parts such as applier ‘s personal information, instruction, linguistic communication, past and present employment, wellness records, specifics of mentions and declaration.

Choice Testing:

Lucky cement takes both the aptitude trials and interview. The most common aptitude trial taken by lucky cement are general aptitude trials, industrial accomplishment trials, mechanical trials and lucky cement most likely takes the combination of situational interviews, behavioural interviews, not directing interviews, and panel interview. Interviews are taken by the immediate supervisors and a individual from Human Resource section.

Background probe:

Lucky cement does look into the background of the employee largely through referral cheques and recognition cheques.

Extra interviews:

Lucky cement takes extra interviews when it needed particularly for higher degree direction choice.

Medical test and drug trial:

Lucky cement does take medical trials and drug trial of their employees particularly of labours.

Decision and recommendations:

Human resource is the back bone of an organisation and the booming human resource is of import for the development of the organisation. The end of lucky cement is to bring forth mature, stable, and responsible human resort who fruitfully contribute their attempts and knowledge to lucky cement. Lucky cement ‘s enlisting and choice schemes result might consequences in improved organisational results. The more efficaciously lucky cement recruits and choice campaigners, the more likely they are to engage and retain satisfied employees.

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