Cdo Foodshpere, Inc

Behind the company excellence are different departments working together towards a common vision. Each division has its individual purpose and its own set of talented and driven people , but all of them ultimately sharing CDO-Foodsphere’s mission in being the best at what it does. Continuous Product Development As good as the company is at providing; it is just as good at listening. Come product development, CDO strives for the consumers total satisfaction. Driven, it searches for new products that would answer the consumers’ needs s well as uplift their lives with these discoveries.

Furthermore, it constantly engages in extensive high-quality research in its constant pursuit for ways of developing and improving the quality of CDO’s products. Another firm philosophy Of CDO is that quality goes hand in hand with technology. In order for the company to consistently give the top shelf products to its customers, it has to constantly invest in the latest technological advancements. With the most creative minds at the helm of this state of the art equipment, only then ill superior standards be met and released to the public.

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Through CDO’s advanced continuous cookers, the company is TABLE to produce tons of hotdogs per line per hour. A host of other highly sophisticated machineries also produce heaps and loads of canned meat and fish per month. Unsurprisingly, the company also utilizes a unique emulsification system which processes food exceedingly faster and better. When it comes to food storage and preservation, CDO again devotes its capabilities on acquiring top otch technology to ensure that the products that reach the grocery shelves are of the first-rate quality.

Proof of this is how CDO’s frozen products must go through an advanced blast freezing method and into special cold warehouses to keep the products’ temperature at an ideal level in order to preserve their integrity. Mission – to provide total satisfaction to the Filipino consumers, through product development, technological advancement, manufacturing of high quality nutritious food products Vision – to be a leading nd growing company whose products shall be present in every household Corporate Social Responsibility CDO Foodsphere Inc. ounded Odyssey Foundation Inc. (OF’) in 2004 to aid impoverished children and to promote child education and health research. It developed a supplemental feeding program called Gabay Buhay that involves partnership building, research, training, and feeding monitoring and assessment. Gabay Buhay has helped 120 children in Valenzuela City and in the recovery of 1 ,600 other malnourished children. Its partners include Sagip

Kapamilya, Bantay Bata 1 63, GMA Kapuso foundation, Project Matthew, He Cares Foundation and United Laboratories. OFI also supports the programs Of churches and humanitarian groups that altogether have benefitted 6,500 children. CSR Issue Funding and workers are the initial concern encountered. It was resolved by establishing tie up with other companies with similar advocacy like unilab, Rebisco etc. The Foundation hired Social workers and encourages employees of the company to volunteer whenever there are activities to undertake.

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