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HISTORY: CDO Foodsphere – Research

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HISTORY: CDO foodsphere was all started by Mrs. Corazon D. Ong, a simple insightful homemaker and a dietitian. Because of her ability, she then decided to turn this consumer insight into opportunity in 1975. Her creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and excellent skills in culinary arts had led her to prepare food products and later on, sell them to steady and growing clientele. Due to her perseverance, she was able to widespread her food products and became one of the promising food products. What began in 1975 has now flourished into CDO foodshpere, Inc.

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HISTORY: CDO Foodsphere – Research
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Years past and the CDO foodsphere, inc. were starting to rise. Different named products were produced. CDO Karne Norte, CDO Bibbo! Hotdog, CDO meatloaf, CDO Hamburger patties, CDO holiday ham are just few of the named brands that CDO foodsphere. CDO is now making waves in the Philippine market, blooming into full grown food manufacturing Company in the country. Different strategies had helped this company to elevate their reputation to a household name and also their development of different high quality products have been a key to this reputation that the company have today.

CDO is one of the food manufacturers here in the Philippines that truly understand the discriminating taste of the Filipino People. CORPORATE BACKGROUND: CDO foodsphere incorporated was developed in 1975. After 30 years of different Canned Good Products was already produced by this food manufacturer. Corazon D. Ong, the owner and the founder, had already proved her entrepreneurial skills. And of course, with the help of her family, and hard working employees, CDO foodsphere Inc. had become one of the biggest and successful companies in the Philippines and even in some other countries. Despite the global economic downturn, the local meat processing industry remains resilient and steadfast in providing employment and supplying meat products to the Filipino people. Industry analysts project an 8 to 10 percent cumulative growth for the industry in 2009. CDO Foodsphere had built different plantations. Some of these plantations are AAA plant in Valenzuela city which was awarded as the Cleanest and Best Meat Processing Plant for three straight years.

Another plantation is the Mega-plant and production facilities in Malvar, Batangas which is still under construction. CDO developed a strong relationship with its customers and distributors. CDO’s valuable business customers include all kinds of segments such as hotels, restaurants, institutions, canteens, burger stands, among others. The company also assures its trade partners of delivering fresh, clean and safe stocks at all times, adhering to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP).

CDO-Foodsphere is the Filipino food company that not only understands the Filipino customer. It also adheres to forging better, personalized work relationships with its trade partners by understanding and knowing more about its varying consumers, whether the typical shopper in the supermarket or the dining customer in a restaurant. Today, CDO-Foodsphere Inc. is the company behind the best-sellers CDO Karne Norte, CDO Bibbo! Hotdog, CDO Meatloaf, CDO Hamburger Patties, CDO Holiday Ham and other popular meat brands in the country. BUSINESS SEGMENT: CDO Foodsphere Inc. s one of the Biggest Companies in the Philippines that manufacture the ever CDO Products. This company produces different kinds of canned goods, frozen meat products, and Dairy Products. CDO is a company that has been providing nutritious and high-quality meat products in the country since 1975. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), a scientific approach to address concerns on food safety, was adopted by the CDO foopsphere and became one of the cornerstones of the company’s production approach since 2002 to produce fresh, hygienic, and high quality meat products.

Jollibee, McDonald, Greenwich, Wendy’s, Burger King, Chow king, Pizza hut, Max’s and Taco Bell are just some of the distributors of the CDO Company. CDO Company provides different services such as food services and HRI services. CDO assures their consumers, traders and distributors of the quality of their food products. Main products: CDO’s main products are: ? Frozen meat products • This includes, CDO Bibbo! hotdog, hamburger patty, traditional & Christmas ham, bacon, cold cuts, native and Chinese delicacies, among others. Dairy Product • CDO’s Dairy product is the Danes Pasteurized Processed Cheese, which they are using in some of their products. ? Grocery Products • Their grocery products includes the corned meat, loaves, liver spread, vienna sausage, pork and beans, spaghetti sauce, ulam lines( such as: lechon paksiw, asado, picadillo, sweet and sour pork, and dinuguan ) and sea quest milkfish (bangus). ? Bottled products • This includes, Spanish sardines, nata de coco, kaong and Diamond Purified Drinking Water. CDO’S MISSION AND VISION We exist to provide total satisfaction to the Filipino consumer through: o The development, manufacturing, and marketing of highly quality nutritious food products at reasonable prices. • We are committed to do this at all times through: o Continuous product development technological advancement organizational efficiency and excellent customer service. • We shall continue to be a LEADING and GROWING company whose products shall be present in every household. MARKET SHARE/ MARKET LEADERSHIP CDO Foodsphere Company had grown into the one of the biggest food manufacturer in the country.

In their 30 years of existence, they have gained numerous awards. Some of their awards are: ? Yum! Restaurants International (YRI), one of the world’s largest operators of quick service restaurants (QSR), named CDO-Foodsphere Inc. , a Philippine-based meat processing firm, as its most improved supplier in the 3rd Asia Franchise Awards held in Singapore last March 16, 2005. ? In bestowing the international award, YRI has recognized CDO, a leader in meat toppings production and canned meat processing in the Philippines, for its pursuit of brand standard excellence. CDO Foodsphere, Inc. , maker of CDO Karne Norte, was cited outstanding corned beef manufacturer by the Consumers Union of the Philippines (CUP) at the 15th Annual National Consumers Awards (ANCA) held recently at Le Pavillion in Pasay City. Receiving the award from CUP awards committee head Quirino Marquinez are Foodsphere Assistant General Manager Marites Escarcha, National Sales Manager Bong Cendana, AVP for Canning & Bottling Rene Hernandez, Senior Marketing Manager Jonathan Bendicion, and CDO Karne Norte Brand Manager Sharon Punzalan. The Hall of Fame award was conferred to CDO-Foodsphere, Inc. by the Consumers Union of the Philippines during the 14th Annual National Consumers Awards night held July 4, 2003 at the Westin Philippine Plaza in Pasay City. Recognizing the company’s great stride in providing nutritious and affordable food products to the Filipino consumers, the CUP cited CDO – Foodsphere as the Outstanding Meat Processor for five consecutive years from 1999 to 2003, making it the first and only meat processor in the country to have earned such an accolade. CDO-Foodsphere, Inc. bagged the much-coveted “Best Meat Processing Plant” award for three consecutive years (1999, 2000 & 2001) given by the Agriculture Department through the National Meat Inspection Commission to recognize companies that have excelled in the field of meat processing. ? It’s not only the business that had gained different awards, the founder herself have also received awards. thus includes: o Mrs Corazan D. Ong earned the most outstanding professional in 1999 in the field of dietetics. She also received the Agora Award for the most outstanding medium-scale entrepreneur in 1997 o In 1996, she received the most dietician award given by the Nutritionist-dieticians association of the Philippines. Company officers: CDO FOODSPHERE INCORPORATED (PROJECT IN ACCOUNTING 2) Submitted to: Mrs. Ma. Rona Corda-Prado, CPA Submitted by: Marecris Anely Ofalsa Agnes Angeli Atas CO1C [pic] ———————– Chairman: JOSE J. ONG Vice Chairman: CORAZON D. ONG President and general manager: JEROME D. ONG Asst. vice Pres. and Corporate Treasurer: CHARMAINE D. ONG General Manager

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