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Creative writing narrative

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Whilst the faint sound of the ancient street lamp was to be heard, began to wonder what might have been. What had done was transgressing the boundaries of society. I had gambled everything I had and lost them all. I had no husband, no family, and no friends. What I had done was truly unforgivTABLE. The only place that I could take refuge was in Changing Village, a small village made for industrialization. The village was my savior, a blessing from God; a place here could seal my true identity from those who knew me.

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Creative writing narrative
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Smells of pollution and debris littering the street wafted a foul smell through the air leaving a smoky trail of smog behind. Long gone was the autumnal colors that lit up the inky skies of grey; now left was a sea of darkness. Unbeknownst to me was that in a few hours my life would be changed forever: a spot of time, ‘the road not taken’, or in this case, taken, that would mark the beginning of the end.

Saw the scene unfold. Cautiously, a shady black illiterate stepped out from the depths of nothingness and peered around the corner of the damp derelict building.

I could feel my heat rising in my body; a sense of stillness overcame me and left me feeling numb and helpless. Antique cobwebs were sucking me in, drawing you deeper into the depths of nothingness. The sickly smell of the rotting debris was filling the smoke ridden air and was being inhaled into me with every breath I drew. Then I saw the figure. The moon, no longer relaxing had broken free from its slumber; now awake and alert. Moonlight broke free filtering through the cobwebs casting an eerie pattern as it hit the face.

Eyes portrayed no emotion whatsoever, then as fast as a lightning bolt came a sense of remorse. But, what was really going on behind those dark hooded eyes…? The face etched into my mind: the face that would stay with me for the rest of my life. I did nothing. I just stood there in awe and waited. A single tear trickled down my face as I staggered backwards into the darkness as I realized my mistake. A mistake I should have never made.

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