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Creative writing paragraph

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    Debris was falling all over the place. The mad rush of people were coming out of the main stairway. It like a stampede. I saw two Firefighters help two other men stuck under a huge steel beam. “Hey you guys need help. ” I asked. ‘We almost have the beam off of him, but I think his lung is clasped because e is having a hard time breathing. ” said, the firefighter. “How are you breathing? ” I asked the man. “Like chit after Vietnam when smoked myself into a coma. ” “Funny guy’ I said. We pushed and pulled for about a half hour and one man was free and the other man was easily moved.

    Both men were taken outside by other business people from the towers and put into in ambulance. When walking up the stairs I was bombarded by all of the people going one way, as was going another. I thought to myself that I would have never had been TABLE to lift that beam off of those men a year ago. Knew that there was no way three guys loud of lifted that beam off of those men my with all our strength. God helped us and I was ecstatic to see those guys carried out of that mess. Reached the 77 floor and felt as God was telling me to go up that floor.

    I walked in and saw a handicapped man in a wheelchair crying. “Why the hell did this have to happen to me, I spent my whole life screwing around playing football and look where that got me. ” he, cried. ‘Sir calm down and I will help you get out of this building”, said Eric was worried like no other as I stared down at this 300-pound man who I had to carry down 77 flights of stairs at the that exact moment my friend Chris alike in. “Broad you guys better get the hell out of here because got a bad feeling that this place is going to collapse. “Thanks fortune teller Cleo now lets get the f**** out of here”, said Eric As we walked down the first ten flights of stairs, I was getting tired. This was so much harder then what they had taught us in training. What if Chris would have never showed up what would I have done. I realized now that a firefighter works for God and his job is to save people. When we reached the 34 floor I was near collapsing. Amazingly saw Chief Omega and he told me he would stay and make sure this guy made it to the bottom. He needed me to help claiming and releasing a trapped group of people. He explained were they were.

    I walk closer I could hear the cry for help I reached the room and to my surprise people were jumping out the window. “What the hell are you doing, lets get auto here and get something to eat” I said. The fire was blocking the exit and tons of paper and cubicles were on fire. I instructed how we would toss the safe into the flamed up exit to brake it down and escape. We threw the safe moved something and eventually broke down the barricade. Finally moved the people out of their floor. I was happy as I was instructing them where to go. I am really starting to be a hero I told myself.

    I had remembered what Chris had told me about the building falling down so I rushed down as fast as possible. On the tenth floor where the door was broken open. Saw a man who was attempting to take some Of his valuTABLEs with him. “Sir lets roll this building, is about to. ” He cut me off in mild sentence. “l have jewels and. ” he, stuttered. So I decided to cut him off “Sir lets go now I am not going to watch you die” as the building moved a huge desk slid down the path buy the elevator and hit the man and took his legs out from under him the desk broken his leg. Put IM on my back and started walking down the stairs and was scared.

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