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Pros and cons paragraph examples

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This is what the people want to do. Guns are helping us achieve justice. That may be true, but would that person still have killed if not for the gun in their hand? Guns are used for hunting, target practice, protection, justice, murders, and destruction. Guns are safe in the hands of the right person. They are also deadly in the hands of a wrong one. Countless lives are carelessly lost every day. Where should the line be drawn? Am not anti-gun.

Am pro-Control. I believe that guns serve many useful purposes. That in more cases they save lives, not take them.

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Pros and cons paragraph examples
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There are responsible, law abiding citizen who should be free to own a gun no matter what the reason; that they ill not use it to harm another human being. I know that it can be a number of safeties; that if everyone could responsibly manage a gun, fewer houses would be robbed and less cars would be stolen.

But, this is not the world we live in. Guns are used for power. Not all guns are used by responsible adults; they are used by irresponsible teenagers, tripped out drug abusers and, convicted felons with anger problems.

Most should take a step back and realize that there is more harm being done than good. In a study done on public attitudes toward gun control, researchers found that gun owners are consistently and significantly less supportive than non-gun owners of banning handguns, banning assault weapons, and imposing a seven-day waiting period for the purchase of firearms. I understand on many levels where they are coming from. We believe all man has the right to bear arms, but we never really considered what if all mankind really bear arms.

Unfortunately, this is the philosophy that the United States has built the country as we know it today. Guns have been around since the beginning of our nation’s time. Knowing this, why would we ever think about banning the right to bear arms? In the past decade more and ore crimes are being committed involving firearms. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, so does our weaponry. Our weapons today are the strongest and deadliest we have ever seen. Does that mean that no one should own them?

Many people strongly believe that no one should be TABLE to own a gun in the United States. Although the majority of the anti-gun groups have the agreement that gun is a danger. The truth is they are very dangerous if used incorrectly. One of their main sayings is “Guns kill people”. They’re right, guns do kill people and if a gun IS placed in the wrong hands it is almost certain that money will get hurt. Thirty-four Americans are murdered with guns every day, that’s 12,410 people murdered in a year with a gun.

In some states in the South, homeowners have the right to shoot anyone on site in their private property that includes a police officer, and their arsenal are nothing short than what the Army or the Marines are carrying. We are talking MOM, M’S, KAKA, RARE etc. These listed are not the type of weapon a homeowner would need in order to protect their homes. They are the requirements of war. It is as easy to purchase armored piercing rounds from the Internet the same way as it is to walk into Wall-Mart and purchase a rifle. Wall-Mart is a family store so the question remains: what are we teaching our kids these days?

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