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Annotated bibliography – Gun Control


Gun Control

Words: 497 (2 pages)

Newspaper article McNeil. Harold. “Local authoritiess group votes for abrogation of state’s gun safety jurisprudence. ” Buffalo News. The ( NY ) 02 Mar. 2013: Points of View Reference Center. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. This article demonstrates how an act known as the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act amended by the State Senate and…

Should Gun Control Laws Be Stricter?


Gun Control


Words: 982 (4 pages)

Many different freedoms were granted in many different ways to the people of the United States. When the Constitution was written in 1776, many rights were granted to the people of the United States. In 1791, the second amendment of the Constitution was adopted and allowed the people to be able to keep and bear…

Guns On Campus: Good or Bad


Words: 670 (3 pages)

Guns On Campus Will having students carrying handguns on campus actually make students feel safer? Texas Senate recently passed a bill that all students at least 21 years of age with a license to carry concealed handguns will be allowed to carry their weapons on college and university campuses. Legislation allowing handguns on campus violates…

Do Guns Make Us Safer?


Words: 3260 (14 pages)

A fast rise issue today in America is whether pistols should be allowed on the streets or non. Some believe that all guns should be banned and they do no good but destroy human lives. Others believe that from the beginning of clip guns have been legal and should ever remain that manner. Some major…

Deadly Consequence of Gun Control


Gun Control

Words: 2314 (10 pages)

Gun control has been on the forefronts of debate since the 1960’s when there were some high profile shootings. The increase of gun violence since the 1980’s has just increased the argument over who should be allowed to own and carry weapons. The Second Amendment is the biggest stumbling block in this debate because people…

Nuclear Weapons: Pros and Cons


Nuclear weapon

Words: 380 (2 pages)

The topic of nuclear weapons is one that will be around forever. One of my favorite lines from the reading we had was that we cannot uninvent nuclear weapons and this is completely right. If asked outright if I am for or against nuclear weapons I would have to say that I am very much…

Question: All Modern Firearms


Words: 4617 (19 pages)

Question: All modern firearms have three basic groups of parts. What are these parts? a. action, stock, and barrel b. barrel, action, and trigger c. stock, barrel, and trigger d. barrel, stock, and muzzle Your answer: c Correct answer: a Explanation: All modern firearms have three basic groups of parts: action, stock, and barrel. Click…

Paper on Gun CDontrol


Words: 1502 (7 pages)

There is a famous quote, which states: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” This quote is technically true. But if there are no guns, it will be a whole lot more difficult for people to kill people. Sure people could use different weapons such as knives and golf clubs to kill people. But the…

Do We Need Tougher Gun Control Laws


Gun Control


Words: 839 (4 pages)

Being constantly changing and evolving, contemporary society becomes vulnerable to issues of technological, cultural and societal progress. From the critical point of view, although guns have been a part of our rural culture for hundreds of years, their increasingly horrific misuse by individuals, including children, children seems to be a more recent phenomenon. Recognition that…

Should Guns Be Banned?




Words: 3025 (13 pages)

In the article of Guns and Ammunition by Wolf, Eldon G. he said that guns have done as much to change history as any other single invention. The end of feudalism was achieved by the help of guns making it possible in destroying the stone walls of ancient castles. The entire art of warfare was…

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