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The article discusses the difficulties faced by immigrants who come to the United States illegally and their children who may not belong in any country. The author proposes a new reality TV show called Who Wants to be Legal? to address this issue. The show will feature five immigrants from different countries who will compete for a work visa in a ten-episode series that includes challenges related to American history and physical challenges. The judges will be an ethnically diverse group of Americans, and the show will benefit society by promoting a positive image of immigrants and instilling gratitude in American citizens. The author believes that this show will solve the immigration issue, entertain the public, and pour money into the economy.

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It’s a sad predicament of those in other states trusting. wishing. seeking to acquire into the land of chance – The United States. Many end up immigrating illicitly. and conveying their immature kids with them. These kids. excessively immature to understand at the clip. and now stuck with being illegal. Belonging neither in their state of beginning. or in the U. S. . the illegal immigrants are stuck between a stone and a difficult topographic point. It is for the good of the immigrants that I propose my telecasting show. to be aired on Univision and Bravo. “ Who Wants to be Legal? ” In today’s universe economic system. 1000000s of people are poverty stricken. starvation. and despairing. Hoping for an chance to get down a new life. 1000000s of aliens become illegal immigrants. The procedure for a visa application can last for old ages. and runs the hazard of being denied. The kids of the illegals suffer. turning up in changeless fright of exile. Alternatively of leting this barbarous rhythm to go on. I propose my game show. Five aliens. from different states. compete for a work visa. The game show will dwell of 10 episodes. and will have trifle on American history. and physical challenges.

Challenges may change from a canoe race across the Delaware. to hot-dog eating competitions. After each two episodes. the contestant with the lowest mark is eliminated. The Judgess will be an ethnically diverse group of Americans. With all of the hideous world Television shows on air today. such as “Amish Mob” . “Toddlers in Tiaras” . and “Jersey Shore” . a world Tv show that benefits society is a fresh thought. Showing the possible immigrants ruthlessly contending for a alteration at a legal life in the U. S. will construct a positive image for immigrants. Showing the despair of immigrants will besides do American citizens more thankful. Populating in a state with freedom of address. the right to bear weaponries. and equal economic chance is an tremendous approval. This approval is frequently overlooked by those citizens who have grown up with such autonomy all their lives. The concluding benefit of “Who Privations to be Legal? ” is amusement.

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American society provenders off the world telecasting industry. with the Kim Kardashian and Snooki as two of the most well-known famous persons. Alternatively of watching immature party misss and dysfunctional households. why non watch hard-working immigrants conflict it out? Marketing this world show will besides pour money into the economic system. which is much needed. Alternatively of puting people who have made sex-tapes and been arrested on the red-carpet. lets place people of substance on that esteemed rug. It’s a win-win. The United States solves it’s in-migration issue. while maintaining it’s citizens entertained. In decision. coercing aliens to wait old ages for a visa. with the possibility of being denied is barbarous. “Who Wants to be Legal? ” would work out the in-migration issue. instill gratitude in Americans. and entertain the populace.

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