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Acid Rain Essays

Acid Rain Assignment

People can be harmed by reheating in toxins, chemicals, and pollutants, from either dry deposits of this acid rain, or chemicals can be released through vapor/liquid form. This can range from causing chest illnesses, breathing problems, birth defects, and other unusual diseases more and more commonly being revealed as time progresses. Some birth defects include, …

Effect of Acid Rain on Seed Germination

To stimulate the effect of acid rain on plant life, students to set up a lab experiment to compare the effect of varying levels of acidity on plant seed germination. Hypothesis: As the pH of water decreases, the number of seeds germinated will reduce. Variables: Units Dependent variables The number of seeds germinated Independent variables …

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Acid Rain

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Acid Rain Research

PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to determine to what degree acid rain affects the growth of certain plants. I became interested in this idea because I’m worried about our environmental conditions and it sounded very interesting to me. The information gained from this experiment may be used to as a warning to stop …

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