Acid Rain Assignment

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People can be harmed by reheating in toxins, chemicals, and pollutants, from either dry deposits of this acid rain, or chemicals can be released through vapor/liquid form. This can range from causing chest illnesses, breathing problems, birth defects, and other unusual diseases more and more commonly being revealed as time progresses. Some birth defects include, but are not limited to, birth without certain limbs, birth without ability to reproduce, or lacking reproductive organs completely, and other respiratory conditions.

These respiratory conditions occur because when toxins burrow into the lungs, it acts as a soon, and causes the airways to get narrower. The narrowing of the respiratory system’s airways causes it to become harder to breathe. The same conditions exist for other organic life, only in a slightly different manner. Marine life and animals seem to exhibit nearly the same conditions that humans do, except with less frequent birth rates with lack of limbs. Breathing gets more difficult for all living organisms with a respiratory system, or similar breathing mechanism.

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However, acid rain becomes a much more complex matter when dealing with plants. Over the progression of time, scientists have noted a slowed progression of forests, leaves turning brown and dying whereas they should be green and healthy. After massive conduction’s of tests, scientists have noted that acid rain is one of the primary reasons for dying/slowed/injured rainforest’s. In Other studies, it’s shown that soil degradation is a product resulting from acid rain, mainly in the eastern regions of the US. The effects of acid rain on buildings?

The acidity levels in rain have a much slower impact on constructions and buildings than they do on organic life, but the impact is still notice, increasingly over the past few years. It is a proven scientific fact that acids have a corrosive effect on many buildings and sculptures, most notably, the statue of liberty. The Statue Of Liberty, being made from copper, has an extreme reaction when having dealt with acid rain. As well as having a dire effect on constructions of copper, other materials such as limestone and marble also have an extreme corrosive reaction to acids and acid rain.

It is scientific fact that any wet or dry deposition of sulfur dioxide drastically increases the rate of corrosion on limestone, marbles, sandstones, and coppers. A common test to prove this would be dropping an egg into vinegar, test many have conducted as profit this fact. Eggshells are made from the same materials as limestone, calcium carbonate, and vinegar also has a great acidity level. Within an hour from dropping this egg into the vinegar, the shell will completely dissolve.

In these two pictures you can see the effects of acids on different construction material. This massively demonstrates the fatalities Of acidic rain levels being increased over time. In the picture to the right, the eggs in water and orange are practically new, where as the egg in coke seems to have a few obstructions. However, the egg that is in the vinegar, is shown to be impolitely dissolving with bubbles even popping out from around it. In the picture to the left it shows the stature of liberty as how it once used to be (Artists depiction), and of how it is now.

These drastic effects are fatal on the environment, natural or manmade. Solutions to solve this problem of acid rain? To reduce the acidity levels of rain, industries must cut down the amount of sulfur dioxide being produced when fossil fuels are burned and used. Viewing it like this, industries have a few options in which to choose from. They can produce and use coal that has little to no amounts of sulfur on it, search can be done to find a way in which to remove sulfur from coal.

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