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Business Communication – Starbucks case study

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Verbal communication when you talk to one another and swap information that is found. It can be an informal conversation or a formal conversation.

The reason why it’s good verbally is because it’s much more relaxed than passing on a document also people will get to share ideas and more information can be gained from it. A disadvantage to doing things verbally is that someone might forget what is said also no one might write it down so there is no record of what is said.

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Business Communication – Starbucks case study
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* Informal Ways of Speaking – This would be used in a casual meeting or between colleagues.* Formal Ways of Speaking- In a formal meeting or at an interview is when you speak formal.

* Video Call – If business partners are far away they might hold a video call meeting to discuss things about the business.* Face to Face – This can be at a meeting when business partners are discussing the future of the business.* Telephone Call – This is a quick way of organising a meeting within Starbucks.

WrittenA written document can have lots of things on it such as links to sites also it might be notes from a meeting.

An advantage to using written information is that it can be used as evidence for something like a profit and loss account or a bank slip. Another advantage is that someone can look back at the information and see if they have improved. A disadvantage to a written is that a document might be accidentally lost at some point and that it takes a while to do.* Email – This will be used to pass on a message to multiple people and you won’t have to keep saying it.

* A Report – This will be used to keep facts and figures on the business that can be looked back on if needed.* On Websites – Information will be put on websites and Starbucks can check the latest news about the economy and keep on top of it.* A Letter – A letter can hold information and data that is needed to be sent from place to place. The letter might also be a complaint that has been sent by a customer.

On-ScreenThe kind of information that you might find on screen is an email or a website. It is anything that is used on a computer so someone in a meeting might use a presentation on screen to seem more professional.On screen information that Starbucks have is a website. They have a website telling customers about the story of Starbucks and a map showing you where there are stores so you can find one anywhere you go.

It also has special offers and shows seasonal drinks and food. They tell the story in case people are interested in where the business comes from. The maps there is to make it easier on the customer so that they know where one is which means Starbucks might get more customers. The seasoned menu is there to tempt people to come and try it; they also put appealing pictures with it.

Another on screen information that Starbucks use is email. A director might send an email to all of his or her staff letting them know of anything new going on within the business.Multi MediaMulti media information is information sorted using a computer. It can be a video call using a type of software that has been loaded to the computers.

Or an animation used as an example of what’s going to happen.Starbucks would use a power point in a meeting instead of passing round sheets of information as it’s easier everyone can see it. It can also show charts on it for example if it’s a meeting about the businesses finance a profit and loss chart.Web BasedPeople in this day and age go on sites more and more.

So by putting information on a website people are likely to see it. Also it’s quicker to go on a site than to go to the store ask them what they have and then organize something there.FinanceOne source of information is the costs of the business and another is the profit and loss of a business. My example for this is the profit and loss sheet that they work out at the end of the year so they know what they made.

Another example is budgeting the spending so that the business can still have a lot of profit. My final example is putting the money into each department when they request new equipment.SalesOne source of information is deciding where to open stores and also figuring out different methods of selling the product. For example on the internet or in a store.

Another example is if to put a shop in a shopping centre or somewhere close to other shops. And my final example is whether there business will be over the internet only or to own a shop while running the website.Human ResourcesOne source of information is getting new members of staff to join and another is sorting out the training for staff. An example is that they would need to hire someone to train staff or give them a higher pay.

Another example is making a recruitment form and my final example is interviewing the new staff to see if they can work the job well.ProductionOne source of information is to make the products and another source of information is figuring out how many products to make. An example of this is getting staff trained to use the machines; another example is making the product with the machine then packaging and sending them off. My final example of a role in production is to order the supplies needed to make the products.

MarketingOne source of information for marketing is that they publicise the product so that they get customers to buy it another source of information is that they do market research. An example of a role they do in the marketing department is that they research who there competitors are and what products do they sell, another example is that they make adverts that make the customers want to buy there product. My final example is that they have to think what place to advertise the product that appropriate.Customer servicesThe source of information is the customers but they will do separate things.

Sometimes they say what they think and other times they may complain about a product. An example of customer services is a complaint form, another one is an information form and my final example is were they having information leaflet that can be given to customers if they want it.Purposes* To show a profit and loss of the business.* To find out what is being bought then sent to sales to find out why?* To figure out how much supplies will need to be bought and if that many is in the budget.

The entire business will have to work together.* If someone in a department is doing well or not so well to tell human resources and they will sort it.* If there is a project going on people from every department will have to communicate to make it work.

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