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What Is Correlation? Questions and Answers


Words: 517 (3 pages)

What is the difference between strong negative and strong positive correlation? What does zero correlation tell you? Can you share a relationship between two variables that is typically negative? Would you make a guess at how strong that relationship might be and assign a numeric value? In a positive correlation, as the values of one…

Correlation Between Tempest and the New World



Words: 979 (4 pages)

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles by John Smith, and The Tempest by William Shakespeare, seem to have one thing in common in that they all touch upon the aspect of life in the new world. While The Tempest alludes to the new world…

Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient


Words: 422 (2 pages)

A researcher is studying reading rates in milliseconds per syllable. What scale of measurement—nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio—is time in milliseconds? Explain your response. (1 point) The response time could be measured using the ratio scale that has an absolute zero measurement for time. Under what circumstances is the median or mode a better measure…

Correlation does not imply causation


Words: 585 (3 pages)

What are the best choices she can make regarding her responsibilities to herself and others? The optimal choice is for her to submit the proposal to the airline. Using information from the proposal would violate her company’s Business Conduct Guidelines, potentially resulting in termination. Even if no laws or regulations are violated, what would be…

Correlation and Regression


Words: 861 (4 pages)

Correlation is a measure of the relatedness or the association of two or more variables. These variables are already existing data which a researcher can study to determine whether or not there is a relationship between the variables. Correlation uses a variable in order to forecast something from the other variables (Lanthier, 2002). An example…

Causation and Correlation


Words: 262 (2 pages)

Correlation and causation differ from each other, as clarified in the article “Statistical Language Correlation and Causation.” Correlation evaluates the strength and direction of the relationship between variables. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that simply observing a correlation does not establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the variables. Causation, which is also known as cause…

Descriptive and correlational research


Words: 573 (3 pages)

Descriptive and correlational research methods are the major types of quantitative research used to collect data and if need be, determine its relationship to a certain phenomenon.  Research, interestingly, encompasses surfing the internet, watching the news and reading a factual magazine, newspaper or book as opposed to popular belief that research and experimental processes must…

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