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Importance of Research Data


Data Analysis


Standard Deviation

Statistical hypothesis testing


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Conducting a survey is often a useful way of finding something out, especially when `human factors’ are under investigation. Although surveys often investigate subjective issues, a well-designed survey should produce quantitative, rather than qualitative, results. That is, the results should be expressed numerically, and be capable of rigorous analysis. The data obtained from a study…

Null & Alternate Hypothesis

Data collection

Inductive Reasoning


Standard Deviation

Statistical analysis

Statistical hypothesis testing


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In order to compute the hypothesis test, a few determinations must be made first. In doing this, we compiled our data of both months of March and November of the past 30 years into an Excel spreadsheet (appendix). This compilation provided us with the x factor and our standard deviation. We then determined it was…

Frequently Asked Questions about Statistical hypothesis testing

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What do you mean by statistical test of hypothesis?
A statistical hypothesis test is a method of statistical inference used to determine a possible conclusion from two different, and likely conflicting, hypotheses. In a statistical hypothesis test, a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis is proposed for the probability distribution of the data.
Why statistics is important in hypothesis testing?
Statistical tests are crucial when you want to use sample data to make conclusions about a population because these tests account for sample error. Using significance levels and p-values to determine when to reject the null hypothesis improves the probability that you will draw the correct conclusion.

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