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Solubility Equilibrium

The effect of temperature on the solubility product constant, Ksp, of potassium hydrogen tartrate in water was investigated in the temperature range of 285K to 318K at normal atmospheric pressure. It was found that the solubility of potassium hydrogen tartrate decreases with a decrease in temperature and consequently a smaller volume of sodium hydroxide is …

Consumer Equilibrium

Utility refers to want satisfying power of a commodity. In objective terms, utility may be defined as the “amount of satisfaction derived from a commodity or service at a particular time”. Assumptions: • UH:Games. exetility can be measured. • Marginal Utility of money remains constant • No change in income of the consumer, his taste …

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Maximum-profit equilibrium: monopoly

1. If an industry is to be classed as one of pure ( or hone ) competition, there are said to be two basic requirements.It is argued that when these two conditions are satisfied, the consequence is, for the single house, a demand curve that is virtually horizontal ; i.e. , absolutely or about absolutely …

Determining of the equilibrium constant for the formation of FeSCN2+

Determining of the equilibrium invariable for the formation of FeSCN2+ Introduction The aim of this experiment was to find the equilibrium concentration and so find Kc. A dilution computation was formed to find the concentration of SCN- and Fe ( SCN ) 2+ . Each cuvette was filled to the same volume and can be …

General equilibrium by Leon Walras

Introduction In this essay, Edgeworth Box is used to analyze how general equilibrium is achieve in a pure exchange economy. This essay will be divided into five parts 1) definition of general equilibrium, 2) definition of a pure exchange economy, 3) definition and explaination of how Edgeworth box is used in a simple model with …

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