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Essays on Dimension

Comparison of Serbian and British cultures in terms of Hofstede’s cultural dimension

Throughout history, the term culture has been very difficult to define. Even nowadays, many anthropologists, sociologists and philosophers argue about the right definition of culture. There are many different definitions of culture given by various scientists. Even though the scientists do not share the same opinion about it, many of them agree that culture represents …

Dimensional Complexity

Dimensional Complexity of the EEG During Divergent and Convergent Thought Processes Creativity is one of the most difficult mental functions to study. While a concrete definition remains illusive, it has been established as a multifaceted phenomenon (Kitto, Lok & Rudowicz, 1994). One facet that is an important component of creative potential is divergent thinking (Vosburg, …

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Satisfaction Dimensions of Lcd Tvs in Comparison with the Crt Tvs

Satisfaction Dimensions of LCD TVs in Comparison with the CRT TVs Sultan Kayg? n Sel VESTEL Electronics, R&D Division, Turkey Middle East Technical University, Turkey sultan. [email protected] com. tr There is a great transition from CRT TV to flat panel TV usage. This transition has an effect on the preferences, expectations and satisfaction criteria of …

Flatland: Dimension and Super Square

Flatland is a vast plane where squares, triangles and other figures live and move freely. But they don’t know of our 3 dimensional. They are figures that have neither height nor depth. It starts with the dream of Arthur Square. Arthur Square dreamed of a point, a square parallel to itself 8 times that formed …

Flatland A Romance in Many Dimensions

Humans are raised in some sort of family within a society that has adopted a certain consensus about its general beliefs and values. Other dimensions come into play when humans encounter individuals from other cultures. Each cultural reality is, in fact, another dimension to the uninitiated, just as real as all the dimensions of time …

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Objectives Subjects covered in the DFA case include efficient markets, models of capital market equilibrium, financial instruments, investment management, tax management, and stock trading. The case promotes an understanding of several important topics in finance. (1) The case introduces many of the major empirical findings regarding the market produced during the past two decades. More …

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