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Ultimate Geometry Review Sheet


Words: 264 (2 pages)

ASS Postulate Triangles are congruent if any pair of corresponding sides and their included angles are congruent in both triangles. AS Postulate Triangles are congruent if any two angles and their included is De are congruent in both triangles. Hype. Leg Theorem Two right triangles are congruent if the hypotenuse and o nee corresponding leg…

Types of Elliptic Geometry


Words: 1629 (7 pages)

Elliptic geometry (sometimes known as Riemannian geometry) is a non-Euclidean geometry, in which, given a line L and a point p outside L, there exists no line parallel to L passing through p. Elliptic geometry, like hyperbolic geometry, violates Euclid’s parallel postulate, which asserts that there is exactly one line parallel to L passing through…

Archimedes’ Geometry and Inventions


Words: 2338 (10 pages)

Abstract Most historians and mathematicians consider Archimedes of Syracuse as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. His achievements in mathematics were outstanding. He contributed many theorems in geometry that have applications in other fields such as engineering, physics, and astronomy. One of which he is most famous for is his theorem that measures…

All About Disk Geometry and the 1024 Cylinder Limi


Words: 715 (3 pages)

The problem Suppose you have a disk with more than 1024 cylinders. Suppose moreover thatyou have an operating system that uses the BIOS. Then you have a problem,because the usual INT13 BIOS interface to disk I/O uses a 10-bit field for thecylinder on which the I/O is done, so that cylinders 1024 and past areinaccessible….

Non-Euclidean Geometry


Words: 579 (3 pages)

Non-Euclidean geometry is any form of geometry that is based on axioms, or postulates, different from those of Euclidean geometry. These geometries were developed by mathematicians to find a way to prove Euclid’s fifth postulate as a theorem using his other four postulates. They were not accepted until around the nineteenth century. These geometries are…

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