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Catesion Co-Ordinate System

Cartesian coordinate system




Words: 1222 (5 pages)

History: The Cartesian coordinate system is named after Rene Descartes(1596-1650), the noted French mathematician and philosopher, who was among the first to describe its properties. However, historical evidence shows that Pierre de Fermat (1601-1665), also a French mathematician and scholar, did more to develop the Cartesian system than did Descartes. The development of the Cartesian…

Lab of Magnetic Fields

Cartesian coordinate system

Electrical engineering






Words: 1245 (5 pages)

Introduction This lab was completed to investigate and map the magnetic field pattern of a single straight conductor by comparing it with the earth’s magnetic field. Quantitatively, the purpose of this lab was to determine the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic field and electric currents are naturally closely related because anytime a…

Bar Graph Analysis

Cartesian coordinate system


Words: 412 (2 pages)

Bar graphs best illustrate results that are gathered at one given time and are independent of each other.  Results of surveys, then, are best captured in bar graphs.  The bar graph below was used by Soraya J. NetoAlvarez to summarize the chances of projects of different sizes – as expressed in terms of total project…

Effel Tower Statics Analisis Analysis

Cartesian coordinate system

Civil engineering



mechanical engineering


Words: 3826 (16 pages)

Introduction Statics is a branch of Mechanics that studies the forces and their effects in rigid bodies in balance. Just like humans, objects and buildings need a skeleton too. This is known as the structure. Bridges, amusement parks, chairs, and many other objects that surround us, have structures, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be able…

AWL (GE/McKinsey approach)

Business Process

Cartesian coordinate system

Marketing Strategy


Return on investment

Strategic Management

Words: 1029 (5 pages)

Describe the business portfolio and the options available to AWL. The business portfolio of AWL’s 1998 fiscal year consists of three SBUs, namely three new marketing textbooks, including Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy, Analysis for Strategic Marketing and Marketing Engineering. We can also see these three textbooks in the GE Portfolio Matrix as shown in…

Frequently Asked Questions about Cartesian coordinate system

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How is the Cartesian plane used in real life?
The Cartesian coordinate plane of x and y works well with many simple situations in real life. For instance, if you are planning where to place different pieces of furniture in a room, you can draw a two-dimensional grid representing the room and use an appropriate unit of measurement.
What is Cartesian coordinates with example?
more ... A way to pinpoint where you are on a map or graph by how far along and how far up or down the point is. Example: the point (12, 5) is 12 units along, and 5 units up. (For 3 dimensional locations we need 3 numbers).
What is meant by Cartesian coordinate system?
[ kär-tē′zhən ] A system in which the location of a point is given by coordinates that represent its distances from perpendicular lines that intersect at a point called the origin.
Why is the Cartesian coordinate system important?
Either way, the Cartesian coordinate system is one of Descartes' most important legacies (although he was not the only person to have the idea). It allows us to answer geometric problems using algebra and to visualise algebraic relationships that would otherwise remain quite abstract.

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