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The guest choreographers are Dulcet Capacity and Sons Governors, and Argali Andre, Laura Camellias, Chalklike Caballeros, Angela Jordan, Cynthia Molar and Racquet Ramirez are the faculty choreographers. Also, there are some student choreographers, which are Swell Barton, Tiffany Johnson, Toni Passion, Gleaming Gilberts Rodriguez, Maries Sanctions and Gerard Morale’s. There were 12 pieces in the Global Motion show, and I was impressed by the second one most. The name of the second one is

Brazil/ Cuba/ Dominican Republic – Latin Caribbean Fusion, and Swell Barton was the choreographer with 16 dancers in total. It is a mixing style dance which combines Brazil, Cuba and Dominican. This is a dance begins with a Salsa, which originates in Cuba, but only with footwork and groove. All the dancers appeared professional, and my mood follows ups and downs for the dancers. To be honest, was not attracted to this piece at the beginning because I thought it was just a piece with all dancers dance together, which I can hardly understand the meaning.

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However, I changed my mind the next couple minutes. First, a group of girls showed up and showed us the graceful dance movements. After that, a couple more dancers participate in; I believe they were telling the audience a story even though I did not get it. Then there came up with my favorite part, I regard it as my favorite is because I firmly believe that the relationship should be just like the dancers spread to us. The two girls were holding each other, and they dance under the spotlight, it looks very aestheticism.

Most of their action are perfectly synchrony, and I seems experience that no matter how the world changes, they will always be together. In addition, the dancers did very well on eye-contact; they look into each other deeply and affectionately. The last short period, all the dancers coming up and they look like celebrated for the two girls. The stage looks glorious, and all the audience cannot help to give them the longest applause. The dancers were wearing comfortable but elegant costume, what I obtained from this piece is definite teen spirit.

The movement in this piece of dance, sometimes rigid, sometimes decisive, sometimes soft, and sometimes distressful. In a word, all the emotions become blessedness. Therefore, dance is forms of art that can really make people keep the same feeling. From this dance, made the connection to life that no matter what you think you would face in the society, as long so you always are thankful for the good things, all the stories will end with happy. Furthermore, people who are young should maintain the mentality and vigorous.

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