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From the minute I started to acquire near the Gershwin Theatre I felt some sort of elating energy inside of me. Equally shortly as I came to the doors I saw batch of people waiting to acquire in. All of us came for the same ground to see the? Riverdance? . I felt really enthusiastic as I walked down the anteroom to the escalators. The ambiance of the theater was grave: coat-checkers, all people good dressed, everyone is smiling and anticipating the event.

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As I sat down on my place, I started to look around. It was a large auditorium with a seats arranged so everyone will see the event no affair where you seat. Gershwin Theatre is the apron sort of theater. The phase didn? Ts have any peculiar ornaments that will catch your oculus, so I flipped the playbill to acquire some information before the beginning.

As the visible radiations went down, from the first minute of a drama I was swept off with a beautiful music and stayed like this until the last minute of the show. It seemed for me, though the instrumentalists are the bosom of the drama. They brought life and energy. Some of these instrumentalists were histrions excessively. For illustration, one immature lady who played fiddle came on to the phase a few times in the show, and danced and played solo, and with the remainder of terpsichoreans at the same clip. Music itself, which was a folk Irish transformed to something modern, was antic. A cappella vocalists besides perform as a kind of chorus. Throughout the drama we were able to hear the voice of unobserved storyteller, who were stating an impressionistic narrative of the Irish. The lighting pointed out the of import minutes and people at the write clip. It did non hold any particular lighting effects and it truly didn? Ts need to. All together, illuming and sound created some feeling of spiritualty for the show.

Scenery of the drama was really simple. It didn? T use any excessive ornaments. Everything was really simple but it didn? t give a feeling of emptiness. I felt that it was good because it didn? T disturb attending of an audience. However, it was giving really basic information to what is traveling on a phase. The colourss of the scenery corresponded to the scene. It helped the audience to experience what the dance is approximately. Most of the ornaments were shown as symbolic elements that gave a feeling of rightness.

Riverdance Tells us the narrative of Irish history and dance in the abstract, blending Irish measure dancing with other common people signifiers like African American pat, Russian common people and Spanish flamenco. Production of the dances began

slow at the first minute and so was acquiring faster and faster. I felt that I have no clip to loosen up, terpsichoreans were keeping all the attending. The piece with the Irish dance required from a few people on phase to a full phase of terpsichoreans. At the minutes when everyone danced on the phase, the motions were so synchronised that it was giving a feeling that everyone flows together as a unit. With it’s motions terpsichoreans were able to demo the temper of dance. I were able to express joy, experience joy and unhappiness. I think it was a most of import thing for terpsichoreans to transform the feeling of their temper to the audience. What I besides liked the most is that terpsichoreans did non dance with a rock expression on their faces while dancing. Their look changed to what the dance required it to alter.

Costumes of the terpsichoreans were nil extravagant, but simple and good. It reflected the period of the drama. Style of the costumes depended on the dance. If the dance was Russian common people costumes were right consequently to it. The haircut corresponded to the dance either. When it was a Spanish flamenco the design of the terpsichorean’s hair was the 1 that all the traditional terpsichoreans of this type of dance wear. The colour of the costumes reflected the dance and narrative.

I felt that manager John McColgan completed a undertaking non from an easy one. This show did non incorporate much of a secret plan and still manager has been able to convey the feeling of integrity. Everything: terpsichoreans, vocalists, visible radiation, and sound moved together. And production was non merely technically right, it were able to give a feeling to the audience. Pace of the drama was really right. It grasped attending of the audience spot by spot, but so it was keeping all the attending to the really terminal. Rhythm was right chosen besides. It changed from the fast tones to the more slower 1s and frailty versa, so the witness were able to rest a small without fring the flow of the emotions. I besides think that manager used all his available infinite right. Even though there was non much of a ornament, there was non a feeling of emptiness on a phase. Alternatively of scenery free infinite was filled up with people every bit much as it needed to.

To reason, I merely want to state that this show was intriguing. It didn? T seem that there were some errors done neither from histrions, nor technicians or managers. This was a great experience for me, which I were non ready for, since I am non really fond of dance productions. But I was swept off with the quality of the public presentation and the beauty of Irish common people music.


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