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Operation Improvement Plan

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List of potential data collection tools and techniques: * Interview, observation checklist, surveys, flowcharts, focus group, data collection * Cause and effect diagrams, affinity diagrams, structural brain storming Method of Data Collection: I selected qualitative data collection and cause and effect diagram method, because it plays an important role in impact evaluation by providing information useful to understand the processes behind observed results and assess changes in people’s perceptions of their well-being.

Furthermore qualitative methods is best suited for my research can be used to improve the quality of survey-based quantitative evaluations ;strengthening the design of survey questionnaires and expanding or clarifying quantitative evaluation findings (p.

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Operation Improvement Plan
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164). This method relies heavy on the credibility of their findings (researchers rely on multiple data collection methods to check multiple data collection methods to check the authenticity of their results). Regardless of the kinds of data involved data collection in a qualitative study takes a great deal of time.

The researcher needs to record any potentially useful data thoroughly, accurately, and systematically, using field notes, sketches, audiotapes, photographs and other suitable means.

Qualitative research draws data from a variety of course such as organizations, texts, objects, artifacts, media products (textual, visual, sensory and virtual material, events, and happenings. No research is 100% trustworthy; however qualitative methodologies have been available much longer than quantitative research. Qualitative research is designed to tell the researcher how and why things happen as they do (p. 160).

This will thoroughly justify the combination of data collection tools and techniques. A description of the data process: * Make an observation checklist: determine specific outcome to observe and assess, safety process, training, * Data Collection: comparing data, multiple sources and different contexts, pictorial descriptions, virtual material, and company web site. * Causes and effect diagram: Toyota’s accelerator issues, cutting cost, possible causes, method, materials, QC, design and suppliers Cause-and-effect analysis together with qualitative research is a powerful combination of sustainable solutions to Toyota’s acceleration crisis.

This research has improved and enhanced both the problem statement and flowchart: Toyota is the focal point of this analysis. The results of this research has improved and supported my problem statement; that this is about the corruption of a Lean success story through the temptation of cutting cost without understanding the risks and growing the business too fast in order to please short term goals set by the “suits. ” Toyota grew too quickly and took its eye off the ball of the guiding philosophy that they stood for.

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