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Statistical Analysis

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This essay provides an analysis of the variables, statistical tests and methods used in the assigned research paper. The level of significance and the strengths and limitations of the data collection process were also reviewed. This study had several variables. One major independent variable is the qualitative questionnaire that was verbally given. In this scenario the dependent variable would be the measurement of the data that was collected. The process of a cause-effect relationship can be considered here.

Qualitative research is often given less credibility.

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Statistical Analysis
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However, this study gave a great deal of significance to the data collected from the qualitative verbal questionnaire. The qualitative data analysis began with collecting data through individual interviews. (Lehna & McNeil, 2008) This data was then transcript into separate categories. This process was done manually by discussing the different occurrences that were observed. The statistical test that was used in this study was the multiple linear regression calculation.

The information used came from the SSOP data.

The purpose for statistical testing in this case was proving the level of significance for the data represented. This research calculated the reliability of the STOFHLA test for both English and Spanish speaking participants. All studies have limitations. However, it is still important to recognize these limitations in relationship to the outcomes. The most important factor to acknowledge that even with the limitations, the outcome improved patient care.

The limitations in the qualitative study were the lack of participants. The analysis process was both a limitation and strength. The data collection process was more of a matter of opinion and consensus of those collecting the data. This can also be considered a strength because the one on one interviews were open and honest. It is important to keep in mind that the limitations in a study are an opportunity to make suggestions for future research. The acknowledgement of a study’s strengths and limitations prove that we have critically analyzed the study.

Qualitative research provided this study with an understanding of the participant’s personal experiences. Research serves many purposes. Nursing research gives credibility to Evidence based practice. Research in the best case scenario improves patient care. Nursing research examines the “nursing practice” and how those delivering care or receiving care are impacted by that practice. Understanding research and its process is essential to the Baccalaureate nurse.

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Statistical Analysis. (2016, Nov 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/statistical-analysis/

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