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Essays about Desert

The Desert Biome

The desert is a biome or as a life zone, for example another biome would be tundra. The desert in western United States in caused by the coastal ranges and the gigantic Sierras in California. These mountains cause the clouds to rain and by the time they reach the other side, there is little or …

Contents of Del Rey’s El Borak and Other Desert Adventures Announced

Recently editor Rusty Burke announced the line-up for the “Desert Adventures” book that collects all of Howard’s professional series desert adventures: Francis X. Gordon (“El Borak”):  “Swords of the Hills” (REH’s title for the story later published as “The Lost Valley of Iskander”) “The Daughter of Erlik Khan” “Blood of the Gods” “Sons of the …

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How the fennec fox (Vulpes zedra) has adapted to the desert environment.

How the fennec fox( Vulpes zedra )has adapted to the desert environment. The fennec fox is the smallest member of theVulpesgenus ( officially in theFennecusgenus ) merely weighing 2.2 – 3.3 pound. It is extremely distinguishable by its immense ears mensurating 6 inches, and a organic structure length of up to 16 inches. It is …

Essay – Desert Storm

The war was described as “cities like Baghdad getting shelled from miles and miles away” (T. Clemens). In reality, 90 percent of the bombing done was unguided “dumb” bombs dropped from planes above the target. If the public had been told this during the war, there more than likely would have been an addition Woodstock …

The Desert Palms Hotel & Casino Short Case Study

Case Study Analysis             Desert Palms Hotel and Casino has a great potential in growing and expanding. Having Robert Hoffman as its general manager gives the company edge over other competitors due to his management abilities and skills that he gained through years of hard work. The plan of establishing a water park can increase …

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