A Deserted House

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The story is about a house that had been abandoned for several years after the death of its owner. The owner was not well-liked and was not buried, leaving his body to decompose in the house. One night, a traveler seeking shelter from the rain stumbled upon the house and found the skeleton of the owner. Despite the eerie presence, the traveler stayed the night due to the storm. However, he was disturbed by strange noises and sightings throughout the night. Eventually, robbers took shelter near the house and the traveler tried to communicate with them, but they fled in fear. The traveler left the next morning and never returned to the area.

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Because of the owner’s lack of popularity and care, the house had been empty for many years after their death. Consequently, they were not given a proper burial, causing their body to stay in the bed until only the skeleton remained. One night, during a heavy rainstorm, someone passing by found the house. Seeking shelter from the rain, this traveler went inside and was shocked and scared to find a human skeleton there. Nonetheless, as the rain continued and it became dark, there was no option but for the traveler to hope for finding company.

However, no one arrived, and the darkness outside made it impossible to see. As a result, he made the decision to stay overnight in that eerie and solitary house. Meanwhile, the rain continued pouring relentlessly while powerful winds blew and lightning lit up the sky. Seeking rest, the traveler laid on the floor but found himself unable to sleep due to the presence of a skeleton within the dwelling. After some time had passed, an abrupt chill swept over his body causing great fear that immobilized him. Soon after, he heard yet another strange cry echoing through the air. In that very moment, a bolt of lightning illuminated the surroundings revealing a large creature leaping out of an open window.

While praying for his safety, the traveler heard loud voices outside. He asked some questions from inside to confirm that there were people outside. However, the robbers mistook his voice for a ghost and quickly fled. The next morning, the traveler left the house and never returned to that area.

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