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Nancy Mairs on Disability in the Media

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Nancy Mairs’ searched for months for something on telecasting or in the media that represented adult females like her. When I say “women like her” . this means handicapped. she is a 43 twelvemonth old adult female with Multiple Sclerosis. Her intent for composing this is to uncover how the media takes the disablement and excludes everything else about the individual with the disablement. Real people are much more complex. and their disablement is non all that they are. She besides points out that everyone should be “accustomed to seeing disablement as a normal characteristic.

one that complicates but does non destroy human being. ” At the terminal of her essay. Mairs’ thesis provinces that “Achieving this integrating. for handicapped and able-bodied people likewise. requires that we insert disability daily into our field of vision: softly. of course. in the little and common senses of our ordinary lives. ”

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Nancy Mairs on Disability in the Media
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Mairs’ description of herself and her disablement take me to believe that she assumes among her audience.

most of the readers do non hold a disablement. She describes to the audience how she. merely like everyone else. does laundry. drives a auto. chows pizza. etc. She even says that she is “an advertiser’s dream: Ms. Great American Consumer. And yet the adveretisers. who determine presents who will acquire represented publically and who will non. deny the exisistence of me and my sort perfectly. ” ( Mairs )

Some of her illustrations and the things Mair compared and contrasted throughout this essay were rather amusing. She wrote about how she asked a local advertizer why he have people with disablements in his ads. and the advertizer replied. “We don’t want to give people the thought that our merchandise is merely for the disableds. ” ( Mair ) . Mairs answer to this absurdness with. “If you saw me pouring puppy biscuits. would you believe these kibbles were merely for the puppies of the cripples? ”

Mairs concludes with her thesis at the terminal of the essay. and negotiations about how we as a society demand to see disablement as normal and insert it daily into our lives. This is the lone manner to acquire the universe used to disablements.

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