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How to Become a Doctor



Words: 825 (4 pages)

When you think about an OB/GYN what do you think of? Many people don’t realize what they do or the job that they have. They will be with a woman at some of their most important moments of their life and they are there for everything for a woman. In this paper I am going…

Analysis of Doctor in the house


Words: 1148 (5 pages)

This text is an extract from the book “Doctor in the house” written by Richard Gordon. He was born in 1921. He has been an anaesthetist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, a ship’s surgeon and an assistant editor of the British Medical Journal. He left medical practice in 1952 and started writing his “Doctor” series. The…

Doctor vs Nurses: Equally Important in the Medical Industry



Words: 2377 (10 pages)

It is usually assumed that both the Doctor and the Registered Nurse are equally important in the medical industry. At some point in time they offered complimentary services to the patients. There were defined duties for the Doctor and those for the Registered Nurse. The rationale behind this was that system of learning gone through…

Doctor’s Perspective


Words: 300 (2 pages)

I took a small visit to the Macbeth house today. And if I were to describe them in one word… that word would be crazy. I took an oath of solitude to not say what I heard, so I write everything down here. This couple is going insane. Lady Macbeth is obsessed with wealth and…

Tention in Novel Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde



Words: 1721 (7 pages)

The handing over of ten pounds was perfectly normal. However when he gets the cheque, someone completely different signed it. Enfield tells Utterson, “And signed with a name that I cannot mention.” This adds mystery as why would someone give ninety pounds to a man who was so detestable, and it adds mystery as who…

on the Doctor’s Wife



Words: 1580 (7 pages)

In her novel The Doctor’s Wife, Sawako Ariyoshi uses the same symbols effectively in order to explore the two focal themes of the book, relationships and gender roles. The aforementioned themes run throughout the novel and create a more sensitive effect for the reader, as both the themes are prevalent in our current society too…

Book Report of “Doctor Dolittle” by Hugh Lofting


Words: 377 (2 pages)

My book report is on Doctor Dolittle. The author of thisbook is Hugh Lofting. Doctor Dolittle talks to the animalsand is also kind of like a veterinarian. He knows most of theanimal languages. He really calls himself a naturalist whichstudies plants and animals. He lives in Puddleby, England. He has an assistant named Stubbins. Doctor…

Good and Bad Doctors


Words: 930 (4 pages)

Doctors aren’t always heroes. Doctors often practice things that are illegal, whether using others to experiment or just themselves. However, some are good doctors and are what society expects in a doctor which is education, ethics and honesty. Based on a survey by Miranda Hitti about what is an ideal doctor, one patient said, “We…

Essay About My Visit to a Doctor


Words: 536 (3 pages)

The job of wellness ever disquieted people. It has been in the centre of attending of the scientists since antediluvian times. Possibly, of all unpleasant things people hate diseases most of all. In theory we know good what we should make to be healthy, but in pattern there is barely a adult male who has…

The Island Of Doctor Moreau: Are We Not Men?


Words: 1131 (5 pages)

The Island Of Doctor Moreau: Are We Not Men?             HG Well’s novel The Island of Dr. Moreau challenges the reader to distinguish humans from animals. The usual notion is that animals act solely on instinct. The actions of animals are driven by their survival instincts. Such instincts compel them kill their own kind and…

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