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Pass The Weed: the Cries of Conservatives across America


Medical cannabis

Words: 749 (3 pages)

The problem is that the long-standing and unjust prohibition of the psychoactivedrug marijuana has been lifted by voters in Arizona and California. Under thenew law, doctors can prescribe marijuana to those patients who can possiblybenefit from the drug’s medicinal purposes. Used for alleviating pain andsuffering, the drug can provide needed relief for many people. However,…

Medical Marijuana Ethical Issues


Medical cannabis

Words: 605 (3 pages)

When working in the clinical setting, nurses frequently encounter various ethical dilemmas. One such dilemma is the use of marijuana as a medicinal treatment for patients. The controversy surrounding medical marijuana stems from its proven efficacy in patient response. In the healthcare industry, there are both advocates and critics of its usage. As per the…

Medical Cannabis Essay


Medical cannabis

Words: 2227 (9 pages)

  Marijuana. Pot. Bud. Grass. Mary Jane. Weed. Hash. The Devil’s lettuce. These are all common labels for cannabis. However, this may be soon to change. New research with cannabis may prove the effectiveness of cannabis and its byproducts in the treatment of several severe and chronic diseases. Soon, those negative terms will become positive…

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