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Career Brochure Assignment



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So You Want A Pediatrician? Job Description: Pediatricians are Doctors who are specialize in the care of young people from birth to their adolescent years. They are usually involved in treating and diagnosing patients with injuries, illnesses, diseases and much more. Their first responsibility is to diagnose illnesses, and they do this by performing physical…

Pediatric Nurse or PED’s Nurses



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Pediatric Nursing Pediatric nurses, also called PED’s nurses, are registered nurses (RNs) who specialize in the care of infants and children. You will often see Pediatric nurses working in hospitals, or clinics that have child-care. A Pediatric nurse is a registered nurse that specializes in the field and receives a higher pay. They must also…

Andrew Wakefield – Unethical Research



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Adhering to ethical standards is crucial in daily life, including during research. Cooper & Schindler (2011) state that the purpose of research ethics is to ensure that no harm or negative consequences are experienced by any individuals involved in the research activities (Chapter 2, Ethics in Business Research). In 1998, British doctor Andrew Wakefield faced…

Why I Want to Be a Pediatrician

I Want To Be


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For my career I would like to be a pediatrician. I would like to be a pediatrician because I love to work with kids. I think they are very adorable and they interest me and I love to help them in there needs. A pediatrician is a child’s physician who provides Preventive health maintenance for…

Frequently Asked Questions about Pediatrics

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How do you describe pediatrics?
Pediatrics is the specialty of medical science concerned with the physical, mental, and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. Pediatric care encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventive health care to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases.
Why did you choose pediatrics?
Most interviewees will simply say that they love children, or want to help children. ... You can even talk about a life-changing experience you had with a pediatrician as a child, an experience which motivated you to pursue your career in this field.
Why is pediatric health important?
Beyond tracking milestones, regular pediatric care can also help you feel more confident in your parenting. The American Academy of Pediatrics says pediatric care can enable important safety measures, from recommended immunizations to safe play in the backyard.
Why pediatrics is the best specialty?
Since pediatricians typically serve as the primary care physician for humans with very unique sets of needs, there are opportunities to dip into a wide range of bodily systems, including covering psychiatric needs, both chronic and acute illnesses, orthopedic concerns, and much, much more.

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