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My interest in the field of radiology and my aim



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My interest in the field of radiogy and my aim to be a radiolgic technologist has received a tremendous boost after attending the semester classes, I have a passion to be a man of science and to utilise that knowledge in the betterment of humanity; it is this force that has made me enter this…

Radiology – Studies of Medicine



Words: 1877 (8 pages)

Humanity, constantly learning, growing, and facing more challenges each second of the day. Whether the challenges are mental or purely physical. We have found moreefficient, safer, and easier ways of doing the tasks we may face. From moving cargo, to sending information via the Internet. Probably the greatest accomplishments we have made, are in the…

Clinical Observations



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            A series of clinical observations was done to obtain a clear picture of what radiology technologists do and how their interactions with doctors, staff and patients affects the quality of their job. Radiology refers to the use of imaging technology to discover, diagnose and treat a variety of different diseases. The gathering of such…

Frequently Asked Questions about Radiology

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How do you explain radiology?
Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease. Radiology may be divided into two different areas, diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Doctors who specialize in radiology are called radiologists.
What are some facts about a radiologist?
Radiologists use several types of radiologic imaging technology to diagnose patients. These include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds and nuclear imaging. In many cases, radiologists don't have direct contact with patients.
What is the importance of radiology?
Radiology is now the key diagnostic tool for many diseases and has an important role in monitoring treatment and predicting outcome. It has a number of imaging modalities in its armamentarium which have differing physical principles of varying complexity.
Why did you choose radiology?
You have contact with people and patients in many fields such as mammography, IR, and even body imaging. ... You can even go out and examine the patient yourself, there is nothing stopping you.

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