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Essays about Gold

Winter Gold 2002

The life of an international athlete is hectic and can be very stressful. Just the training itself can be taxing on anyone. For instance; and athlete that is going to the Olympics, trains at least a couple years before, and returning Olympians train from the time they finish the last Olympics to the beginning of …

On Gold Mountain by Lisa See

Can you imagine moving to a different country and trying to raise a family in a country that is not your homeland? Many people make this decision on a daily basis. However, which traditions and values would you choose to teach your children? Would you teach your children their homeland traditions or their new country …

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Bioleaching of Gold Ore

ABSTRACT Bioleaching has been applied to copper and uranium deposits for many years, but more recently has been applied to gold ore refractory and refractory concentrates. This process involves the oxidation of sulfide, ferrous, and sometimes carbon containing minerals in order to liberate the gold trapped within. This process is possible by use of several …

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast forms the second volume of the Californias Trilogy written by Kim Stanley Robinson. All three novels present three different future worlds of California. The Gold Coast is set in somewhere after the mid-twenty first century, and shows the hyper-urbanized, postmodern “Orange County.” California is a maze of gigantic shopping malls, freeways with …

The Gold Rush: Eureka Stockade

The gold rush started when gold had been declared found in the town of Ballarat, Victoria in late August 1851. Miners from across the world rushed to Australia in hope to find some gold. There was not one distinct issue that lead to the Eureka stockade on the Ballarat goldfields. In Victoria, hostility between the …

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