“The Office of the Presidency Has Grown Too Large or Powerful”

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The Office of the Presidency consists of the administration headed by the president who is the chief executive of a country. He/she makes the decision how to govern a people. We are governed by the executive, legislative and judicial branches following the Constitution. The executive power is given to the president as the Commander-in-chief having the responsibility of implementing the laws the Congress passes, also being responsible for appointing federal agencies as well as the cabinet. The legislative branch is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate who are responsible for enacting legislation and declaring war, also having the power to deny presidential appointments and investigative powers. The judicial branch according to the Constitution gives power to the president, confirmed by the Senate to appoint its members. These branches are given the power to the office of the presidency, leaving the people with the sole power of voting them into office. Every election the presidents running for office promises change, a renewed sense of hope, but after every term we see little or no difference.

The problem of the country is still the problem at hand. Thus, we begin to see the power of the Office of the Presidency, influencing the social, economic and military aspects. It is so powerful that it can even manipulate the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government, leading to corruption. The citizens of the country put these people in power, these people running for power promising their undying cry for change, which we often see unfulfilled. They ask for trust to be given them and yet they abuse this trust by using their power for personal gain, and when they are discovered, they consistently deny though the evidence of their personal intentions is presented to the public. These immoral people in power are condemned and pardoned without question because they have the influence over those in power. They have turned from the heads of the citizens who have given them that power, for without those people, they would not be seated. It is a shame that most of the governments we have carried this example of ‘corrupt’ power.


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