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Technical writing part 1





Words: 1955 (8 pages)

Technical writing: Technical communication is the process of finding, using and sharing meaning of information.  A technical writing addresses particular readers, Helps readers solve problems, Reflects an organization’s goals and culture (supports the organization’s mission), is produced collaboratively, Uses design to increase readability, Consists of words or graphics or both, and Is produced using high-tech…

Sweats Galore – The Business Situation

Balance sheet







Words: 2046 (9 pages)

After graduating with a degree in business from Eastern University in Campus Town, USA, Michael Woods realized that he wanted to remain in Campus Town. After a number of unsuccessful attempts at getting a job in his discipline, Michael decided to go into business for himself. In thinking about his business venture, Michael determined that…

Artworks Review Research Paper In the





Visual Arts

Words: 620 (3 pages)

Artworks Review Essay, Research Paper In the Piece created by Robert Colecott entitled the Bilingual Cop, a bull is positioned in the centre of the work standing behind a brick wall. The bull is shouting racial slurs at two work forces who are passed out ; one adult male is an African American and he…

Raster and Vector File Formats

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Graphic Design



Words: 2842 (12 pages)

Raster and Vector File Formats The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has had a profound influence on art and art forms. The computer pervades all spheres of work and leisure and promises to become the most ubiquitous of all things. In the field of graphics too, art, paintings, sketches and photographs are being…

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