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Essays on Aircraft

Piper Aircraft Co. v. Reyno

CLOSED MEMORANDUM Piper Aircraft Co. v. Reyno, 454 U.S. 235 (1981) A plane that was owned by UK companies, registered in Great Britain and manufactured in USA Pennsylvania and Ohio was crashed in Scotland. All the passengers and crew on the plan were of Scottish descendants. The representative of Scotland citizens filed a wrongful-death litigation …

History For Aircraft Investigation Aviation

Flying is by and large a safe and fast method of transit, but accidents ever happen whether through human mistake, mechanical failure, or condemnable activity. Over the last two decennaries, there have been many fatal aircraft accidents per twelvemonth worldwide. These, and lesser accidents, have to be investigated scientifically in order to derive of import …

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Piper Aircraft v Reyno

Facts: A little aeroplane crashed in Scotland killing several Scots citizens. The respondents who are Scots and who are the representatives of the estates of the citizens and occupants who were killed in the clang filed suit for unlawful decease in United States Federal District Court in California. The forum was subsequently transferred to the …

Human Factor – Aircraft Incident

This assignment will be discuss, analyse and critical evaluate on the incident of aircraft Boeing 737-400 with flight registration number G-OBMM near Daventry on 23 February 1995. This assignment will be base on the report of Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), Department of Transport with report number 3/96 (EW/C95/2/3). This aircraft incident has been choose …

Collision Avoidance Systems in enhancing aircraft safety

Abstract Collision Avoidance Systems are instruments that are have been developed to enhance air traffic safety. The systems have been developed to prevent mid-air collisions by detecting threat aircrafts in air traffic and developing means of maneuvering to avoid collisions. To ensure effective application of collision avoidance systems, human factors have been greatly impacted by …

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