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The Hero’s Journey Sample

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Joseph Campbell. an American psychologist and fabulous research worker. wrote a celebrated book entitled The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In his womb-to-tomb research Campbell discovered many common forms running through hero myths and narratives from around the universe. Old ages of research lead Campbell to detect several basic phases that about every heroquest goes through ( no affair what civilization the myth is a portion of ) . He calls this common construction “the monomyth. ”

George Lucas. the Godhead of Star Wars. claims that Campbell’s monomyth was the inspiration for his groundbreaking movies.

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Lucas besides believes that Star Wars is such a popular saga because it taps into a timeless story-structure which has existed for 1000s of old ages. Many followings of Campbell have defined the phases of his monomyth in assorted ways. sometimes providing different names for certain phases. For this ground there are many different versions of the Hero’s Journey that retain the same basic elements.


Heros exist in a universe is considered ordinary or uneventful by those who live at that place.

Often the heroes are considered uneven by those in the ordinary universe and possess some ability or characteristic that makes them experience out-of-place.

• The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Dorothy in Kansas• The Hobbit: Bilbo Baggins in Hobbiton• Star Wars: Luke Skywalker on Tatooine• The Lion King: Simba at Pride Rock

THE CALL TO ADVENTUREFor heroes to get down their journeys. they must be called off from the ordinary universe. Antic pursuits don’t go on in mundane life. Heroes must be removed from their typical environment. Most heroes show a reluctance to go forth their place. their friends. and their life to travel on a pursuit. But in the terminal they accept their fate. Normally there is a find. some event. or some danger that starts them on the epic way. Heroes happen a mysterious object or detect their universe is in danger. In some instances. heroes go on upon their pursuit by accident. Campbell puts it like this. “A blunder—the merest chance—reveals an unsuspected universe. ”

The new universe the hero is forced into is much different than the old 1. Campbell describes this new universe as a “fateful part of both hoarded wealth and danger…a distant land. a wood. a land resistance. beneath the moving ridges. or above the sky. a secret island. exalted mountaintop. or profound dream state…a topographic point of queerly unstable and polymorphic existences. impossible tortures. superhuman workss. and impossible delight” . This description may look reasonably obscure. but think of all the assorted fantasy kingdom characters have entered throughout the old ages: Middle-Earth. Oz. Narnia. Wonderland. It could even be outer infinite. a haunted house. or the Matrix. Regardless of the inside informations. the new universe is certain to be filled with escapade.

• The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The twister• The Hobbit: Gandalf the ace arrives• Star Wars: R2D2’s deep message

Refusal OF THE QUESTDuring the Call to Adventure heroes are given a undertaking or quest which merely they can finish. They are faced with a pick: accept the quest or deny it. Their pick might look like a no-brainer. If they don’t accept the quest. there won’t be much of a story—or will there? Actually there are narratives where heroes don’t accept their fates. When this happens. the phase is set for catastrophe. There’s a ground why the powers-that-be have chosen a peculiar hero. A refusal of the quest merely brings problem.

King Minos. the sovereign of Crete who antagonizes the Grecian hero Theseus. does non make what the Gods ask of him. Poseidon. Lord of the Seas. sends him a beautiful white bull. The god’s merely order is that Minos must give the animal back to him. After seeing the brilliant animal. Minos decides he merely can’t conveying himself to make what the God asks and keeps the bull as a personal trophy.

Enraged. Poseidon vows retaliation and causes Minos’ married woman to fire with lecherousness for her husband’s prized animal. The remainder of this narrative is purely NC-17. It consequences in the birth of the Minotaur. a animal half-bull. half-human. a expletive to his male parent King Minos. Campbell notes that heroes who refuse their quest frequently become characters in demand of delivering or in Minos’ instance. the scoundrel of another hero’s journey.• Star Wars: Luke refuses the pursuit until he learns his aunt and uncle are dead• The Lion King: Simba refuses to return to Pride Rock and accept his fate• Groundhog Day: Example of the negative rhythm caused by declining the call

ACCEPTING THE CALL: Once the escapade is accepted. the heroes advance into the following phase of their journey.

ENTERING THE UNKNOWNAs they embark on their journey. the heroes enter a universe they have ne’er experienced before. Very frequently it is filled with supernatural animals. breathtaking sights. and the changeless menace of decease. Unlike the heroes’ place. this outside universe has its ain regulations. and they rapidly learns to esteem these regulations as their endurance. strength. and hearts are tested clip and clip once more. After all. it is non the terminal of the journey which teaches. but the journey itself. The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy must larn the regulations of Oz

The Matrix: Neo must come to clasps with the worlds and unrealities of the Matrix

SUPERNATURAL AIDSupernatural doesn’t have to intend charming. There are plentifulness of hero narratives that don’t have aces or enchantresss per say. Supernatural merely means “above the Torahs of nature. ” Heros are about ever started on their journey by a character who has mastered the Torahs of the outside universe and come back to confer this wisdom upon them. This supernatural character frequently gives them the agencies to finish the quest. Some of the clip the gift is merely wisdom. Other times it is an object with charming powers. In every case it is something the hero needs to win. As Campbell says. “One has merely to cognize and swear. and the ageless defenders will look. ” The occupation of the supernatural assistor is to give the heroes what they need to complete the quest—not complete it for them.

The Hobbit: GandalfStar Wars: Obi-Wan KenobiCinderella: Fairy GodmotherAmulet: A Special ( and frequently charming ) points that assist the heroes on their quest. The Wizard of Oz: Ruby SlippersThe Hobbit: The RingStar Wars: LightsaberALLIES/HELPERSEvery hero needs a assistant. much like every superhero needs a buddy. Without the aid of their comrades and assistants along the manner. most heroes would neglect miserably. For illustration. in the Grecian hero narrative of Theseus. Minos’ girl Ariadne. after falling hopelessly in love. helps Theseus voyage the Labyrinth. She does this by keeping one terminal of a aureate yarn while Theseus works his manner inward to murder the Minotaur. Without her aid. Theseus would ne’er hold fulfilled his pursuit or found his manner out of the labyrinth one time he did so.

Lord of the Ringss: Samwise Gamgee

The Wizard of Oz: The Tin Woodsman. Scarecrow. and Cowardly Lion

TESTS & A ; THE SUPREME ORDEALThe heroes progress through a series of trials. a set of obstructions that make them stronger. fixing them for their concluding confrontation. At long last they reach the Supreme Ordeal. the obstruction they have journeyed so far to get the better of.

All the heroes’ preparation and labor comes into drama now. The journey has hardened them. and it’s clip for them to demo their art. Once this obstruction is overcome. the tenseness will be relieved. The worst is passed. and the quest. while non officially over. has succeeded.

Star Wars: Blowing up the Death StarLord of the Ringss: Mount DoomThe Wizard of Oz: Get the better ofing the Wicked Witch

REWARD AND THE JOURNEY HOMETypically. there is a wages given to heroes for go throughing the Supreme Ordeal. It could be a land. It could be the manus of a beautiful princess. It could be the Holy Grail. Whatever it is. it is a wages for the heroes’ endurance and strength. After the heroes complete the Supreme Ordeal and have the wages firmly in manus. all that is left is for them to return place. Just because the bulk of the escapade has passed doesn’t mean that the return journey will be smooth sailing. There are still lesser homebound obstructions to get the better of.

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five ArmiesThe Lord of the Ringss: Tax return to Hobbiton

Maestro OF TWO WORLDS/ RESTORING THE WORLDSuccess on the heroes’ pursuit is life-changing. for them and frequently for many others. By accomplishing triumph. they have changed or preserved their original universe. Often they return with “the exilir. ” an object or personal ability that allows them to salvage their universe. The heroes have besides grown in spirit and strength. They have proved themselves worthy for matrimony. kingship. or queenship. Their command of the outside universe qualifies them to be giants in their ain.

Lord of the Ringss: Frodo saves the ShireThe Wizard of Oz: Dorothy rids Oz of the Wicked WitchTHE MONOMYTH: NOT JUST FOR MYTHOLOGY

While Joseph Campbell’s monomyth works best with the traditional signifier of the quest— common people and fairy narratives. myths. fables. and other fantasies—it can be applied to many different genres or types of narratives. A pursuit does non hold to include blades and monsters. It can merely as easy occur in the existent universe. The monomyth. ageless and universal. exists anyplace and everyplace.


Joseph Campbell was to a great extent influenced by the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung whose theory of the corporate unconscious involved archetypes—recurring images. forms. and thoughts from dreams and myths across assorted civilizations. Below are several originals frequently found in myths.

• HEROES: Cardinal figures in narratives. Everyone is the hero of his or her ain myth.• SHADOWS: Villains. enemies. or possibly the enemy within. This could be the pent-up possibilities of the hero. his or her possible for immorality.• MENTORS: The hero’s usher or guiding rules.• HERALD: The 1 who brings the Call to Adventure. This could be a individual or an event.• THRESHOLD GUARDIANS: The forces that stand in the manner at of import turning points. including covetous enemies. professional gatekeepers. or even the hero’s ain frights and uncertainties.• SHAPESHIFTERS: In narratives. animals like lamias or wolfmans who change form. In life. the shapeshifter represents alteration.• Pranksters: Clowns and troublemakers.• ALLIES: Fictional characters who help the hero throughout the quest.• WOMAN AS TEMPTRESS: Sometimes a female character offers danger to the hero ( a femme fatale )

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