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Junk Food Essays

Should the Sale of Junk Food Be Banned in Schools?

The argument as to whether or not schools should be able to sell junk food is a highly controversial topic. Sugar-filled snacks, sugary drinks, and snacks high in saturated fat are a favorite among children. In most cases, when faced with the decision, a child will no doubt choose a bag of chips over an …

Speech on healthy food vs junk food

Most farmers actually recommend Smog because they are easier to grow, maintain, and end to be more profiTABLE; however, countless other experts have come to realize that SMOG foods are untested, unsafe, and unhealthy. Studies indicate that these “acclaimed” SMOG foods will not, feed the world, end hunger, increase the profit of farmers, or reduce …

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Junk Food

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Article on junk food vs healthy food

Obesity, as well as other health problems, has become a leading roblem for America. “The united States now has the highest obesity rate… More than half of all American adults and about one-quarter of all American children are now obese or overweight. Those proportions have soared during the last few decades, along with the consumption …

Argumentative Essay about Junk Food

Form: Argumentative essay Audience: Young students and teenagers Tone: Informative Purpose: To raise awareness that junk food in school has many negative side effects Central Idea: Junk foods found in cafeterias and vending machines of elementary and high schools must be abolished because of their negative effects on the children’s academics, the unhealthy eating patterns …

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