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Should There Be a Tax On Junk Food?

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Should There Be a Tax On Junk Food?
What would it be like to see a healthier, skinnier world? A world were more of the population exercised. People choose to eat well balanced meals instead of greasy, fattening foods. Where it would be easier to afford the more healthy foods and not the fast foods all the time. Junk food should be taxed because the rate of obesity is rising rapidly, so people need to choose their foods more wisely, and with the rights plans the healthier foods could be more affordable.

Taxes on junk food would minimize the rate of obesity.

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Should There Be a Tax On Junk Food?
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Knowing the price of junk food is overly expensive compared to healthier foods, people would be compelled to by healthier food. Although some researcher believe that putting a tax on junk foods will have little effect consumer behavioral expert Paul Harrison, said “ Putting taxes on junk food consumption could bring down the junk food consumption if they were big enough.

” (Packham 2). To some people it won’t be worth the money to spend the mass amounts on a sugary snack, rather than bag of oranges or a nutritious dietary breakfast. Unfortunately obesity isn’t just a problem in the United States, obesity is a global problem. This shows obesity is a major problem and there are programs with professionals on this particular topic, for example Cate Burns is a fellow researcher at Deacon University Would Health Organization, determined to find out a solution for prevention of obesity. With fast food restaurants chaining all over the world, obesity has hit all around from our neighboring Canada to Australia.

In Australia, records show that the obesity rate sixty one percent of adults are either obese or overweight (Schriever 1). Australia has already put down taxes on junk food to slow down the obesity rates. Obesity is defiantly a worldwide problem and there are efficient way to stop it. The foods that are in the worlds populations diet mainly consist of fast foods that are greasy and high in cholesterol. With taxes on junk food, most of the world’s population would be forced to choose their foods more wisely. To decrease the obesity rate that is recorded now would be simple, everyone just start eating healthier foods. We need to get a start as soon as possible before maters get worse.

Obesity is one of the top ten leading causes of death, this could have been prevented. Junk foods such as chips and sodas could cause high blood sugar and high blood sugar could lead to diabetes or to make matters worse , death. In fact, eating less junk food and eating healthier would help expand life expectancies in the world. “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” (Anonymous). Little sayings like this could help the people who suffer from being obese or overweight. Fizzy drinks should be taxed heavily to subside fruit juices and milk because the kinds and drinks will help maintain weight and stay healthy.

By eating healthier foods such as fruits, vitamins, good carbs, and other nutritious foods would help keep a good immune system and a well ideal body. In conclusion the increase of tax on junk foods would slow down the rate of obesity. Practically being forced to eat healthier would be a great way to influence the world’s population to choose their foods more wisely and start a great weight loss plan. People would choose healthier foods if they were cheaper. The way the economy is in the United States the consumer couldn’t afford or would want to give up that extra dollar just for a sugary snack. With the right plans of a welfare systems there could be a lot more persuasion to choose a healthier life. With the government putting taxes on junk foods it will be easier to purchase and pick out more healthy foods.

Healthy food will be more affordable and easier to pick out if someone was on a strict budget. In America there making laws on and banning the sales of drinks larger than twenty four ounces. In New York City, the mayor passed a law where all sales on drinks larger than thirty two ounces and called it the big gulp ban. People don’t realize how effective junk food really is. Fortunately the government is there to help open the eyes of the consumer. In Canada, Doctor Doug Weir states” If we don’t do something about it now, were going to have a tidal wave of consequences and toughs conditions”(Branswell, 2). This statemen being the most upright truth, people don’t realize how quickly weight can creep up on you.

The government putting taxes on junk foods making healthier foods affordable, people would be obligated and compelled to buy the cheaper more healthier foods. Even though putting taxes on junk foods would be beneficiary to lower the rate of obesity, but putting taxes on junk foods is also putting taxes on the poor. Most lower class can’t always afford high dollar salads or healthy foods. More or less would people want to pay for the new taxes.

This means the price of a two dollar and sixty cent chocolate bar would be raised to the amount of three dollars and eighty cents! Nobody wants to pay almost four dollars for something as simple as a chocolate bar. On another end of the income class would be the people would be able to afford these new taxes. In witch the taxes would not mattered. Paul Harrison Deacon University Lecturer remarked “ There would be very minimal effect on this new junk food tax” (Peckham, 2).

In a nut shell the upper class would not be effected by these new taxes, they would carry on with life as they normally did and be perfectly content with the taxes. However is still believed that putting the taxes on junk food will lower obesity rates and will start to make America a healthier skinnier place.

The government should still support the taxes on junk foods. Now seeing that junk food and all the problems that come with it, putting taxes on junk foods would be a great aid not only for America but for the rest of the world. It would help the world get back on track, health wise. It would also be beneficial to our children and their future.

Obesity rates slowing down, healthier foods being more affordable, and with more affordable food people would choose their foods a lot more wisely. Children would carry on the health drive to their children and within a few years America and the rest of the world would be healthier, skinnier, and beautiful.

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