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How junk food can end obesity analysis

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Closer is a journalist that is renown for his investigative journalism, all of his investigative pieces are deeply Informative and marvelously readTABLE. From our core reading, ” Fast Food Nation: Why The Fries Taste Good,” he carries out a very detailed investigation and tries to unfold the secret of the fries. In the same way, in his book, “Chew on this: Everything You Don’t Want To Know About Fast Food,” he uses descriptions that are so precise and concise to carry his readers along with his writing style and critic the fast food industry.

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How junk food can end obesity analysis
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As an experienced writer, Closer strategically uses arioso type of writing skill to establish relationship between his contents and readers by including systematic narrative of history, personal experience and very detailed descriptions in his writing. He knows how to embrace logos and ethos in his writing effectively to make his writing attractive and guide the readers through his investigative story. His writing style creates a sense that is so reality and the readers can easily relate the content of his writing to their life experience.

To gain full perspective on a certain topic, it is very important to begin the story with the history of a particular event. In “Fast Food Nation: Why The Fries Taste So Good,” Closer wants to let readers know what makes the fries taste good and he begins with telling the story of J. R. Simplest who was the founder of frozen fries (Closer). He tells Simpleton’s story in a chronologically way and shows how the young Simplest became the greatest potato baron in America’s history.

Simplest was born into a family of homesteader in 1909. With his entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness for successful life, he dropped out of school and left his house at the age of fifteen to begin his venture life. He strives hard for his life goals and made his ay to become a wealthy businessman in the age of only thirty-six years old (Closer). After Closer gives a brief introduction to Simplest, he cleverly turns the story to focus on the key subject of his piece which is the frozen fries.

He explains how Simplest had foreseen “the Golden Age of Food Processing” and invested heavily in frozen food technology so he could produce a kind of frozen fry that is affordTABLE in the market and tasted just exactly same as the fresh one (Closer). After years of hard work, Simplest successfully convinced more fast food chains to purchase his frozen fry and eventually he changed the eating habit of people in America (Closer). By intros icing the history of the fries, Closer systematically gives his readers a clear understanding of why the fries have so much influence in a typical American’s diet today.

It let readers to have a grasp on how the fries come into the big picture and help them to fully comprehend the whole passage. As an investigative journalist, it is important to conduct site visit and examine the subject meticulously. During site visit, the journalist’s personal experience is a crucial information that can be presented in his writing later. Good Ritter personal experience often shapes the ethos of the writer and it can strengthen the writer’s argument. To uncover the secrets of fries, Closer personally went to visit the manufacturing facility of International Flavors and Fragrances (Closer).

He carefully observed and remembered every sensory details that he had experienced during his site visit, then he reflects it in his writing. For example, he recalls when the senior flavoring gives him smell one of the aroma chemicals, “After closing my eyes, I suddenly smelled a grilled hamburger. The aroma was uncanny, almost miraculous. It smelled like money in the room was flipping burgers on a hot grill. But when opened my eyes, there was just a narrow strip of white paper and a smiling flavoring” (Closer).

Look at how Closer paid attention to all his sense organs and point out every specific detail in his writing, his effort greatly contributes to his own ethos and leads his readers to believe him as a trustworthiness and reliTABLE person. One of the writing skills that is very important in investigative writing is TABLE to accurately describe the activity. Closer uses this skill a lot when he wants to describe his experience, it helps readers to recreate the realistic lining that the writer had experienced before (Closer).

When he recollects his experience in the flavor manufacturing facility, he describes everything he encountered in a exceptionally detailed way. In addition to that, he also tries to elaborate on every subject he wants to include in his piece, this helps readers to create a vivid imagination and gain some insight on the subject rather than just simply carry on the subject. To sum up, Closer know how to adequately use different kind of writing techniques to capture his readers’ appetite as well as make his readers to establish trust on him.

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