Study of the Coat of Arms of England

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The Coat of Arms of British rulers includes various symbols such as the lion, fleur-de-lis, Irish harp, and unicorn, each representing different qualities like power, strength, hope, and wisdom. The rulers wanted to showcase their authority and control over the kingdom, which is why they included so many lions. The use of the Irish harp represents Ireland’s place in the UK. The unicorn, which is considered an untamed beast, represents the everlasting glory of the rulers’ reign. The color blue, which depicts truth and loyalty, is used to showcase the kingdom’s morals and values. The coat of arms may also include phrases like Blessed are the peacemakers, which could represent the rulers’ priority of maintaining peace and safety in their kingdom. In creating a personal coat of arms, one could choose symbols and colors that represent their own qualities and values.

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What does the lion represent? Why would the rulers of England include so many of them on the Coat of Arms?

The lion represents royalty, majesty, power, strength, bravery, courage, ferocity, and valour. The rulers have so many to make it clear to everyone that they are in charge.

What does the fleur-de-lis represent? Why is it featured on the Coat of Arms of British rulers?

Well it means hope and virtue and since it has very strong Christian roots so I would imagine that’s where it comes from and why its featured on the coat of arms.

Why is the Irish harp featured on the Coat of Arms?

To represent Irelands place in the UK

What does the unicorn represent? Why would the rulers of England choose a unicorn to support their shield?

The unicorn represents power, purification, healing, wisdom, self-knowledge, renewal and eternal life. The rulers of England probably thought that it would best represent the strength of their kingdom and their everlasting glory/reign.

Why does the unicorn have a chain around its neck?

The unicorn has a chain around its neck because it considered to be an untamed beast.

The Coat of Arms includes two phrases, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and “Shame to him who evil thinks.”

Choose one of these phrases and explain why a ruler might want it included in a coat of arms. Blessed are the peacemakers, I would presume that a ruler would have this on his coat of arms to say that his main priority is the safety of his kingdom and peace is the number one issue.

Research one of the colors featured in the Coat of Arms.

Based on what the color represents, explain why it would be used in a royal coat of arms. The blue depicts the truth and loyalty and would be used to show other kingdoms what the kingdom stands for and its morals. .

This is my coat of arms, the main color is black to represent my constancy or unchanging ways, and better yet I will never claim to be something I am not. The Moon represents myself in being a nocturnal person. The Axe represents my realness and bluntness. The Wolf is an interpretation of my love for mammals. The star represents a bright future for myself and others around me.

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