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Compulsory military service

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The military has become an integral part of any government’s plan especially protecting against inversion and attack from other bigger powers. This is has been the major reason why countries endeavor to equip their military both in man power and with equipment.

There has been clamor for and against compulsory military service in America. The arguments of those against are as follows.

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Compulsory military service
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Poor level of productivity:

 The Army is a team of committed, highly motivated citizens which survives on team work and dedication on the part of each member.

It has been discovered that those that were forced to fight come out as very poor fighters which may lower the moral of the Army. In war, soldiers are expected to fight beside each other as brothers but this will not be the situation were misunderstanding exits within the camp. Since the civil war, this has resulted to conflict between those who willing joined and those who were forced t join.


Resentment towards the government:

When people feel that the government policy does not go down well with them, it could slow down the effectiveness of government work and lead to riots like the riots in Detroit during the Vietnam War.

It’s unconstitutional.

Dr. Ron Paul, a congress member form Texas stated “The basic premise underlying conscription is that the individual belongs to the state, individual rights are granted by the state and therefore politicians can abridge individual rights at will’. This is the strongest point against forcing citizens to join the military and against the ideas of our founding fathers.

Health reasons:

 We are not made of same biological features. Some are stronger while others are not. Compulsory military service will increase the death rates of our citizens in war unlike when they joined willingly and with determination.

Also on the other side, those clamoring for compulsory military service have drawn their points form the following.


 This is a culture in America to volunteer towards any projects that need to be accomplished especially when it has to benefit the American citizens. This might not necessarily be in the combatant by in other less risky departments. This is helpful in situations whereby there is shortage in workforce and the need for call up. Having the knowledge in this aspect will be of immerse benefit. In 2006, 61 million Americas volunteered 8.1 billions hours to volunteerism. Joining the military is a National service.

Increased manpower:

 Drafting more people to join the Army will definitely increase the manpower of the armed forces. In this age of increased warfare, America will boast of maintaining peace at home while enforcing peace in other regions. The September 11 incidence that shocks the nation has increased the call for more personnel in the military. There will be more reserves to call from.


This is the strongest point raised by those calling for compulsory military service. The single act of joining the Army is regarded as a patriotic act and a national service form the part of the citizen.

Nationalized Army:

Compulsory military service will make our armed force entirely in our hands. The shortage of manpower that leads to situations whereby foreigners join and are exposed to our internal security system which might lead to leakage of vital military intelligence information into wrong hands will be reduces when the Army consist of American citizens.

In conclusion, there has been for and against compulsory military service. some call it a national service while others believe it is unconstitutional.



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